Home entertainment Welcome back Nico but if Saponara was the guy who broke the game… Dodô and Duncan are horror movies. Italian and everything desperate pays off in the end

Welcome back Nico but if Saponara was the guy who broke the game… Dodô and Duncan are horror movies. Italian and everything desperate pays off in the end

Welcome back Nico but if Saponara was the guy who broke the game… Dodô and Duncan are horror movies.  Italian and everything desperate pays off in the end

Terraciano: 6.5 Some tremble with feet, when pressed Pinamonte First and then with some unbalanced increases. Excellent but on Vratesi This is on the same thing Pinamonte lower output. then Sassuolo It disappears and less work for it.

Come: 5.5 Laurenti He often finds grassy terrain behind him, on which Sassuolo builds several very dangerous situations. On the other hand, he takes a yellow card up front and almost scores an inaccurate cross. 53′ Dodo: 4.5 He gets his attacking skills but you never see him up front. On the other hand, he is ready and extends his arm in the area, giving Sassuolo a penalty kick…

Milinkovic: 6 Classic Nikola, he gets scolded instantly, gets a little distracted, seems forced to control everything and everyone and then… almost gets lost in a glass of water. Between inaccurate balls, paid advances and unusual feeling with Igor. He grows at a distance, with Sassuolo’s gradually weakening complicity.

Egor: 5.5 Oblivious to his trocar, surprised at the opposite area, too clever to formulate none of his own. He even came close to heading but often took risks in the first phase of the match, when Sassuolo found space on the counter-attack.

Al-Baraji: 5.5 Ironically, this is most evident when he stays on the ground with his teammates who keep playing, caught up in the urgency of doing something dangerous. A free kick from the edge that finishes off powerfully, then a small push, some crosses and the usual series of unsuccessful corners. 75′ Terzic: 6.5 Bravo for coming in and causing mayhem, until the shot ricocheted off an arm Rowan Tresoldi.

white: 5 Second as owner of the Viola Nursery Producer, but the physicality and speed of Frattisi E Obiang I am a very big obstacle. Too much effort, constant risk of losing the ball, too many fouls. He is in deep trouble and certainly not helped by the flood of mediocrity around him. 46′ Castrovilli: 6 He does not have and still does not have the speed to make a difference, moreover in a completely improvised and creative midfield. It can only get better.

Duncan: 4.5 The worst, not only in the midfield, but also in the eleven. The first half where everything that happens to him is predictable, not to mention when he passes the ball directly to the opponent. A few balls here and there, some delaying tackle, in short, a Greek scream. 71′ Gonzalez: 6.5 Finally welcome back to scorer Niko. The first goal almost went to the head, then hailed to convert the final penalty 2-1.

Icon ‘: 5 Unfortunately, it seems the gloomy times are back, few ideas, lots of chaos, no shots on goal (not even on the flag, if nothing else). Some acceleration causes only yellow but in the second half it’s hard to remember him being on the field.

Bonaventure: 6.5 The half-header is ahead of many of his teammates because he objectively plays a different sport. The way he fidgets and writhes and tries to move his teammates is almost pitiful. Inspire first Kwame Under the door then Milinkovitch And in the second half again kwame, This is wasted. Really needs more around him.

pile: 5.5 It’s the usual mix of great action and madness, and it never really breaks Tolian Ironically, he works best as a forward when he’s at least on his head. He throws a nice Bonaventura ball far and never feels up to getting dangerous.

Cabral: 5 A sprint from the start looks like a working version of Goal against Monza. Then the other upright ball which, however, if hit on the back… then out, would probably be bruised. Steps back, steps forward, it’s already there Florentine He doesn’t have a number 9 he can rely on constantly. 46 ‘ Saponara: 7 Come and register now. It gives him the skill one would probably expect from others and really has the great advantage of opening up a game that is becoming more and more intertwined.

Italian: 5 Training frankly leaves amazement. For the rest, his team put their entire possession of the ball to the ceiling, devoting themselves instead to a very deep vertical position which, however, worked once. Disorganized confusion, many mistakes, and an approach that is certainly not the approach of the team that should return to the arrangement, but more than one who waits with a certain sleepiness for the fate that awaits him, as if he does not have the strength to change it. He risks it all in the end, but the facts prove him right.


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