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Bana Cotta – Gazzetta di Reggio

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It’s one of the most famous and appreciated spoonfull desserts, and it’s a real “cuddle” at the end of a meal: we’re talking panna cotta.

Today’s episode taste of healththe online column created and coordinated by immunologist Mauro Minnelli in charge of Southern Italy for the Foundation for Personalized Medicine, is dedicated to the Italian delicacy, but is well known worldwide.

“Pana cotta – says Minnelli – has its roots in the history of the art of confectionery, which is why by exploring food traditions over the centuries we have discovered that Already in the fourteenth century, in the “Libellus De Arte Coquinaria”a collection of recipes among the oldest in the world, A Danish doctor and botanist referred to a product very similar to that of panna cotta. Traces of this dessert, together with the “Blanc Manger”, can also be found in the traditions of French confectionery, until the beginning of the nineteenth century when the poet Giacomo Leopardi (known for his greed for sweets) describes himself in a letter describing the ingredients of the cream. Cook for his father. Then in the 1960s, Minnelli continues, This panna cotta recipe has become official thanks to the notes of Cuneo Ettore Songia’s signature chef. It consists of milk, sugar, and edible gelatin, and although it resembles pudding in shape, it differs in substance because it does not contain eggs. Dessert can be seasoned and made more appealing to the eye as well as to the taste by sauces with berries, strawberries, caramel or chocolate.

For his current artisanal production, Antonio Esposito, owner of the Fratelli Esposito Dairy Company in Metapunto, defines that “Pana Cotta is made from fresh milk that has reached a temperature of 92 degrees and is added with a preparation that enhances solidification, thus, the final achievement of a product ready for packaging and sale.”

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