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Armadillo prophecy, will there be other movies on Zerocalcare after the flop?

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In 2018, La Profezia dell’Armadillo arrived in our rooms, a live-action rendition of the first Zerocalcare comic. The film did not completely convince the critics, as it made a significant mistake in the transition from paper to video: part of the artist’s core, Zerocalcare, was lost. Now we ask ourselves: Will there be another one?

The question certainly arises from Edge tearing success, the animated series created by Michele Rech, also known as Zerocalcare, which conquered Italian viewers on Netflix. In this case, it is already a very successful product Because the author worked on it himselfIn it, he put everything we have already seen in his previous cartoons and works. Definitely a different process, then.

This astounding success has led many to wonder if there really is a possibility for another movie, and possibly live action again. In fact The odds don’t seem so high. Sure, there’s been talk of Season 2 of Tear Along the Edges, but a second live-action movie now appears to be off the plan. First of all, because it will be a different process, in which it will be necessary to understand the extent to which Zerocalcare is involved, who initially did not participate in the right way, who must find reliable collaborators, who know the cinematography of the language but also the essence of his work, who must maintain on his identity. Second why It doesn’t really seem necessary. Born into the comics, Zerocalcare is expressing itself at its best right now. We’ll see later in the future, never say never.

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In the meantime, let’s talk about our first live action movie Armadillo Prophecy movie review. And you, would you like another movie based on the Michel Rich comics?

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