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Monza, Legambiente at the Cinema Forum with the Joint Science Project

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Monza, Legambiente at the Cinema Forum with the Joint Science Project

Monza Legambianti

  • Thursday, February 24, 2022

Promoted by Legambiente, the “Cineforum for the Environment”, Cremes made its way back to SpazioCinema del Capitol Anteo at Via Pinati 10, in Monza.

The review (with free admission) begins Thursday, February 24 with “The Electric Woman” and then again “Salt of the Earth” scheduled for March 10, “Watermark” on March 24 and ends on April 7 with the movie “On the Wings of Freedom.” All shows start at 9pm.

An initiative promoted by the Legambiente Division of Monza with Arci Scuotivento and the Banca del Tempo Association of Monza and Brianza.

“After the enforced interruption caused by the pandemic, a review dedicated to environmental issues resumes with Project Co-Science – Explain the Promoters – a review of films and documentaries that present a different, poetic semblance, condemnation, love and struggle on the great theme of the environment will be proposed.”

The review was organized and promoted as part of the Monza Green Energy thanks to the Youth Champions Call promoted by the municipality of Monza.

Entry is free, however, reservations are recommended

directly on the site


To get into the room, it is necessary to show the augmented green corridor and wear the Ffp2 mask for the duration of the film and the discussion at the end of the show.

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