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Tara Strong against Charles Martinet’s disqualification option –

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The Movie From Super Mario Bros.As we know, we will see Chris Pratt play the famous mustache plumber: Choice Actress Tara Strong He frankly criticized, saying the role should have gone to him Charles Martinet.

After fans turned down, Pratt promised a very strange performance while making the feature film, something really new, but in the end what we heard was usual. human voice.

The speech given by Strong, the voice actress with a thousand characters between animation and video games, differs however and relates to commercial logic, to the tangible contribution that Martinet Pay respects to Super Mario’s success and how beautifully the producers of the movie ignored it all.

“There must be Charles,” Strong wrote in a post showing him smiling next to Martinet. Mario’s official voice (plus Luigi) since 1990 as part of promotional events and then in video games starting with Super Mario 64 in 1996.

“Voice actors: I’ll do my best in this role for at least twenty years, helping sell billions of merchandise, making millions of dollars from studios, and making generations of fans around the world happy. Hollywood: We don’t care,” he explained.. bitterly the actress.

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