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The Blues lost with respect against the world champions – OA Sport

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13.39 Our live stream from Italy-Canada ends here. Thank you for following us and stay with us to enjoy all of Italy’s matches at the 2022 Ice Hockey World Cup. Congratulations to everyone and Happy Sunday!

13.38 This was not Assyria’s poor performance: the first half in particular was better and got its benefits. The risk of attacking the second and third time is gone, but the performance is encouraging in view of the next rounds.

The game is over! Canada beat Italy 6-1.

Italy were dangerous in the final with a lead of 1.58.

3.10 Botan’s good effort: Para Tridger, Canadian goalkeeper.

4.46 Commodore’s Mistake: Powerplay is still in favor of Italy.

5.06 6-1 Canada! Gregor! Italy faced an asymmetrical forward and the No. 73 counter-attacker who did not apologize before Fazio.

5.35 New Powerplay for Italy: This time Shillinger was fined.

7.10 Asuri does not take advantage of this and fails to finish towards the goal.

8.48 In the next two minutes Purcell and Italy were allowed to top the numbers.

9.55 Chillinger tries again! Fazio relaxes in reaction.

11.30 Italy tries to host: This match gives the best impression of the rest of these World Cups.

13.54 Ireland call a time-out: Italy do not want to leave this final.

14.33 Hannoon’s good percussion stopped very nicely.

15.47 Attempt to Review Italy in Attack: Inactivity is more severe than we have seen.

17.11 Mayo! 5-1 Canada! Facio’s intervention was punctured by a violent shot from a distance.

17.47 No exception for Whitecloud Network! Roy provoked it.

18.15 Canada does not seem to want to accelerate much in these first minutes: the result is promising.

19.30 A referee scored in full supersonic speed!

The third period begins!

Now for another little pause, we talk for the third and last time.

The end of the second period! Italy-Canada 1-4.

1.05 Fazio! Still makes the boat float! Gossans went with a definite shot, but Paris scored our goalkeeper while standing.

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2.30 Johnson !! Canada Tilak! 4-1! Beautiful filtration of the sabotage and shooting at the intersection of the poles.

3.28 Italy can no longer land on the field as they did in the first half. Canadian pressure is very intense.

4.46 Roy !! 3-1 Canada! Number 10’s amazing drive: the disc that ends in the corner. The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion.

6.20 Facio’s reflection on the parcel! It was a Canadian attack in the last few minutes.

7.15 had already scored six shots in this second half for Canada, but only one goal to his credit.

8.20 Italy saved! Hanoun was very good at picking up a foul when the Graves were about to end up in the net.

9.03 Powerplay for Canada Ends!

9.39 Dangerous Fatherson! Facio’s best hold, always very careful in the most insidious shots.

10.55 Canada Permission to use Glira and powerplay.

11.45 Anderson! Benefit of Canada! The disco goes into a deadlock and surprises the goalkeeper: the masters take command of the operations at hand.

12.26 Chillinger !! Another great intervention by Fazio, the hero of this game so far.

13.45 The Facio who diverted Johnson’s effort is very good: the puck that went closest to the post.

14.00 Time-out called by Canadians unable to break the blue wall: There is a real risk of ambiguity.

15.55 The blues not only defend but also try to counter-attack and have a high center of gravity.

17.42 Italy seeks to attack numerical superiority and wins a mistake in the attack.

18.09 Penalty for Canadian Shillinger.

18.18 Powerplay for Italy in the next two minutes!

19.00 Start very confidently by Canada: Italy must withstand the impact in these first minutes.

The second period begins!

Hoping to rediscover the beautiful Italy seen in the first half, we will soon meet for the second part of the game: decisive, brave and tough.

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The first period is over! Italy-Canada 1-1!

1.07 Facio! Excellent positioning in Chillinger’s close-range shot.

1.30 Dubois Attempts! Contained by its own caged Italian wall.

3.15 Good progress on Johnson’s left, but stopped by Inzamam.

4.10 Canada Draw! Great diagonal from Sunheim with the help of Severson and Anderson. There is nothing that Faji can do.

4.17 Hanon !! Black Trigger! Italy is still threatening ahead!

5.25 Canada called to react, but the attacks are still unreliable and irregular.


8.10 What an opportunity for Channa! Botan’s magnificent flying bass for Sanna: disc that ends in a very small width.

8.50 Italy does not decompose: on the contrary, the resumption of blue formation is dangerous.

9.57 Another interruption, this time called by Gregory Ireland.

10.37 Five shots have already been scored for Canada, but the Italian defense is always ready.

11.20 Shot by Graves !! Facio’s stunning response to block the record! It was a very violent attempt at close range.

12.26 Time is up from Canada.

13.14 Furious scrum in Italian cage, but no Canadian found a successful shot 1-0.

14.36 Italy is always crushed in its own cage: Canada seeks advantage.

16.03 Facio’s good response to Dubois’ violent shot!

17.30 Azuri’s good start in the defensive phase: Tough and careful, Canada did not find the gaps and had to set from behind.

19.00 Italy Justin Fazio, Canada starts on goal with Chris Tridger.

It starts!

11.20 Both teams are ready to start.

11.18 Claude Julien’s Canada heading for the target with Thompson & Tridger in the snow, first line Whitecloud, Chabot, Roy, Cozens and Dubois, second Sanheim, Severson, Lowry, Sillinger and Anderson, third Holden, Mayo, Barzal, Fatherson, Johnson, fourth Graves, , Mercer, Comtois and Gregor.

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11.16 Canada seems invincible, but the Assyrians are looking for the good feelings gained in the introduction to find the way to salvation.

11.13 Goalkeepers include Facio and Fatani, Miglioranci, Pitroniro, Sanna, Botten and Gostner in the front row, Second Sornburger, de Berna, Montenuto, Frank, Magnabosco, Third Clara, Geos, McNoon and Fillon, Hona, Hon. Traversa.

11.10 Gregory Ireland face strong national team in the group after a good debut (Co 5-2) against strong Switzerland. It takes a real miracle to get a positive result from the blues.

11.05 Hello friends of the game OA, Come live from Italy-Canada on the second day of Group A of the 2022 Ice Hockey World Championships in Helsinki (Finland).

Chronicle of Italy-Switzerland

Hello friends and welcome to OA Game Live on the second day of Group A of the 2022 Ice Hockey World Cup Takes place in Helsinki (Finland). Italy and Canada challenge each other.

Azzurri started their journey with a 5-2 defeat Swiss: Creation Gregory Ireland The scores of Phil Pietroniro and Daniel Glira were not good enough. However, the Italian selection was able to withstand the impact against a high-profile team like the Swiss. The goalItaly The salvation of the A section and the maintenance of the type will not overcome such complex challenges as against Canada.

The Canada He is probably the toughest opponent in the whole team and he made his debut the day before yesterday with a decisive 5-3 win over Germany. Canadians are masters of the sport and have full stars on their list like Pierre-Luc Dubois and Nicolas Roy.

OA Sport offers you The second day of Division A of the 2022 Ice Hockey World Cup, live from Italy-Canada Takes place in Helsinki (Finland). Starting at 11.20. Good fun!

Photo: Corolla Semino

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