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Curling, Italy heads up mixed doubles World Cup: Constantini and Arman beat Hungary

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Italy raises its head After yesterday’s dismal defeat against Australia Curling World Mixed Doubles 2023, Gangneung (South Korea) is underway on the ice. There is the blues Beating Hungary 8-4 And they won Second win in this world championship reviewAfter the one received yesterday in the opening match against the Czech Republic. Stefania Constantini and Sebastiano Arman So they went back First place in the overall ranking (Joined by Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Estonia, Denmark and Scotland) In the run to qualify for the knockout rounds (First place in Division A goes directly to semi-finals, second and third to playoffs).

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The Beijing 2022 Olympic champion (paired with Amos Mosner) and Trentino Ryder, fresh from fourth place with the men’s foursome at the World Cup, managed to make up the difference in a tough clash with Linda Zhu and Lorinc Tatar, then redeemed themselves. An unexpected defeat against the sea and launched towards it with high hopes Two decisive matches tomorrow against Canada and Scotland, the two most popular teams in this group on paper. It is important to bring home at least one useful result to make up for yesterday’s mistake and go all out in the second part of the round robin.

Chronicle of the competition

Juve and Tatar started like rockets and scored two points in the first end, but Constantini and Arman responded immediately by signing three points worth the first advantage in the second half (3-2). The Azzurri then stole the hand and extended (4-2) strength, but the Magyars narrowed the gap before the gap (4-3). Returning to the ice, the tricolor pair picks up the pace again and collects two points to make it 6-3, allowing Hungary to play the advantage of moving the stones positioned in front, but exits the sixth end with only one point ( 6- 4). Constantini and Armaan took that advantage in the seventh set and scored two points to make it 8-4, effectively wrapping up the accounts.

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Fifth World Curling Day Results

Scotland vs Holland 7-4

Italy vs Hungary 8-4

Czech Republic vs Australia 9-3

Estonia vs Canada 7-4

Denmark vs South Korea

World Curling Rankings

Group A:

1. Italy 2 wins (3 matches played)

1. Canada 2 (3)

1. Czech Republic 2 (3)

1. Denmark 2 (3)

1. Estonia 2 (3)

1. Australia 2 (3)

8. South Korea 1 (3)

9. Hungary 0 (3)

9. Netherlands 0 (3)

Group B:

1. Japan 2 (2)

1. Norway 2 (2)

1. Switzerland 2 (2)

4. Austria 1 (2)

4. Sweden 1 (2)

4. Turkey 1 (2)

4. US 1 (2)

8. England 0 (2)

8. Spain 0 (2)

8. Germany 0 (2)

Photo: WCF

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