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Brad Pitt and Mauro Corona with Misurina. Hollywood star riding his motorcycle in the Dolomites

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What do Mauro Corona and Brad Pitt do together? They climb mountains. In short, it’s not that they literally climbed it, but they certainly found themselves in the mountains of the Northeast, and from here…

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What do they do together? Mauro Corona And Brad Pitt? They climb mountains. In short, it’s not that they literally climbed it, but they definitely found themselves in the mountains of the northeast, hence the photo taken in Misurina that you can see on the cover, and posted directly on our mountaineer writer’s Facebook profile. the meeting? Totally coincidental: Apparently Brad was riding a nice motorcycle when he got a little peckish and decided to stop at the Queens Inn, right on the lake, and while there enjoying a piece of cake he met the mountain man Corona.

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But the question remains: What is Brad Pitt doing in our region? Well, the actor has been traveling between Alto Adige (indiscretion for fans: he seems to be staying at the Palace Hotel in Merano) and the province of Belluno, and in particular his arrival can be linked to a very special anniversary: ​​the discovery 32 years ago, in 1991, by Otzi. But what would a movie star care about the mummy? If you’re wondering, you’re not an unruly fan, otherwise you’d know that Brad has a very special tattoo on his arm: it’s exactly the silhouette of the man from Similaun, known to his friends as “Ötzi”.

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The star is on a motorcycle

Brad Pitt He arrived in Misurina riding an enduro motorcycle, with a friend also on a motorcycle. The American representative ordered Two cappuccinos and two pancakes with whipped cream. “Exquisite brushwork,” sums up Piero De Luca, the son-in-law of the place’s owner, Lorenzo Quinz. It was De Luca himself – who speaks fluent English – who served them and spoke to the two guests: “What can I say? Based on the way he acted, I can only say that Brad Pitt is a very polite, polite and kind person. Great host.”

Who met Brad Pitt at the Queens Hotel in Misurina?

“There was a customer sitting inside the pizzeria who identified him as a Hollywood actor. He asked me if it was really him.” There was Mauro Corona inside the club. “He came with his loyal companion Ferruccio to visit my brother-in-law Lorenzo. They are very old friends. Mauro also came to say hello, and we introduced Brad. Also a photo.” The American actor, ex-husband of Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie, stayed to enjoy the scenery of Misurina for an hour. He also introduces himself to hikers and tourists who have asked to be photographed together. “Those who saw movement around them realized that there was a famous person. First one, then another. He arrives at a group of girls. “Pete accommodated everyone,” Piero De Luca concludes.

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