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Cusago, won 21 million with the Eurojackpot 2 euro card

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Hit 5 + 2 in the European lottery: the name of the lucky one is unknown. The voucher was sold in the bookstore at Via Bareggio. Owner: «It is an unknown game, few people ask, only men»

Play A two-euro ticket and finds himself a millionaire. It happened to a client Café Ravelli, sisal betting shop in Cusago, Municipality of Milan. Play card client on wednesdayEurojackpots Lottery occurring simultaneously In 16 countries across Europe. The draw takes place every Tuesday and Friday In Helsinki, Finland.

You bet on 5 numbers between 1 and 50 and 2 more between 1 and 12. 5 + 2 was multiplied for 21,208,281 euros in Kossago. “Not only did the customer gain the millionaire’s winnings, but also two other small profits, for about another 20 euros,” he says. Achille Foieni, 58, owner with his brother David of the place, which is also a restaurant, pizzeria, and ice cream shop. «We learned of the win from the first customers who walked in this morning, About 7.30. They read it on the Internet. I have not yet printed the bordersò which indicate the list of wins. And so I said they were wrong and one of them walked away in frustration. When we found out they were right, we couldn’t believe our eyes. We’ve never had such a big win. Our bar has been around for 60 years. Many years ago, when our parents were still around, it happened that someone made millions, but from old liras »says Achille.

Who will be the lucky customer that fortune will accept?
“He hasn’t come yet, but we’d like to. And then he has to leave.” Hint To the bartender, it’s me,” David jokes. «We think he’s a man, because this game isn’t among the most popular. Few women practically do not ask for this. He had incredible luck, but the euro played here could be part of a system, or more bets in many bookmaker’s shops. We are happy that we have contributed to someone’s happiness, but the game must not become an obsession.” The phone keeps ringing in the restaurant. They always hope that a mysterious winner will emerge. Instead, it is customers and friends who call e so they make fun of me, Because the name of the betting shop appears on the Internet and it is in my name, and therefore they say that I won, but I do not want to disclose it.

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