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Love needs space

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“It’s hard to find a balance between protection, support and the freedom to live one’s life to the full, when it comes to sex and affection for people with intellectual disabilities”: this is how CoorDown (National Coordination of Associations for People with Down Syndrome), National Conference “Love Needs to Space”, organized for tomorrow September 24 in Rimini, a study day, workshop and engagement on a topic already at the heart of the international campaign launched by CoorDown itself last spring

"Just the two of us"

An image from the “Just the Two Us” video amid the international campaign launched by CoorDown last March

“It’s a hard-to-find balance Between protection, support and the freedom to live your life to the fullestWhen it comes to Sexuality and affection for people with intellectual disabilities. Families are invited to accompany their daughters and sons in their growth, to support them in their first autonomy and to encourage them on their way as youth, while remaining the primary points of reference. Young people with Down syndrome need to be listened to, supported and guided along this path, which is often fraught with obstacles and doubts “: thus CoorDown (National Coordination of Down Syndrome Associations), the national conference entitled Love needs spaceorganized for tomorrow, September 24 in Rimini (Centro Congressi SGR), a full day of in-depth study, workshops and engagement with experts, parents, psychologists, operators, educators and Direct and active participation of girls, boys and adults with Down syndrome. “The aim of this meeting – they add from CoorDown – is to think together about building a Joint Learning Paths to Accompany Relationships and Sexwhich can provide appropriate and respectful tools for young people with Down syndrome, that are supportive of families and made into a network that also knows how to engage operators and educators.”

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«In our country – confirms Antonella FalogianiHead of CoorDown – The theme of sex is Often it is still taboo What is more, it is difficult in the collective imagination to construct an idea of ​​sexuality within all of humanity, including people with intellectual disabilities. None of us have a certain answer, but my commitment requires above all else listeningFrom this listening, we began to try to secure a basic right and to overcome fears and resistance together.”
Falogiani’s words particularly refer to what CoorDown already did in 2022 on the matter, starting with the so-called international awareness campaign. Just the two of us (Literally “Just the two of us”), which was launched to mark World Down Syndrome Day On March 21, with production video With an ironic cut, he tells how the heroic couple, through the stressful existence of their family, managed to find their intimacy and send the message “love needs space.” And the right to live an independent romantic relationship and sex life will also be CoorDown’s “strong theme”, marking The Day After. National Day for People with Down Syndrome subordinate October 9.
«People with Down syndrome – add back from the coordination – are often considered deities “Eternal Children” As such, she is protected or kept away from everything related to puberty, including sexual activity. But people with Down syndrome have Same needs as everyone else They have the same right to lead an independent sex and emotional life and to receive accessible information. Education in relationships and sex can allow you to live your love life in a healthy and satisfying wayas well as being necessary to support persons with intellectual disabilities to understand their rights, to know their own body, the concepts of “consent” and “safe sex” and Protect them from potential abuse“.

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Going into the details of the Rimini conference programme, it must be said that the morning will open with a master’s lesson in Fabio VigliaProfessor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Turin, Director of the School of Specialization in Cognitive Psychotherapy in Turin, Genoa and Vercelli, Scientific Coordinator of the Service Disability and gender At the Department of Social Services and Welfare in Turin. “The main task of those who work for people with disabilities – he says – is to allow them to do so Determine at least part of one’s life, to guide their choices and perhaps share them with someone, even in intimacy, feelings, stories and meanings. So give voice to their desire and return the caresses to their hands. We try, we are committed. The promise is always this: We accompany you as you walk alone, let go of your handbut We are always here If you look back, you will see us.”

This will be followed by an intervention Donatella Auger FawzySecretary of Atgabbes, an adult educator in the field of education for the emotional and intimate life of young people and adults with disabilities, who says: “Good caresses, the right touches, and love stories need space and time to learn, and experience and they also need to be told. Contexts of mindful life and respectas well as trained and knowledgeable liaison officers. Family and professionals togethereach with their own skills and their own complementary observation points, in order to respectfully accompany the person with a disability on his path of growth, independence and discovery of the world.”

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Finally, in the afternoon, an intervention Angela Bicorby Department of Maternal and Child at Careggi University Hospital in Florence, as well as Head of the Tuscan Regional Program pass (Paths of Care for Individuals with Special Needs), to be followed by division into Four working groups For youth, families, operators and educators in coordination Fabio VigliaAnd the Donatella Auger FawzyAnd the Ivana BaileyAnd the Anna BritolaniAnd the Katrina BossaAnd the Elisa Orlandini And the Antonella Falogiani.
One will close the business plenary The results will be announced today. (SB)

to me this link Available in full program The conference is tomorrow, September 24, in Rimini, which can also be attended remotely. For any additional information: [email protected].

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