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The Call of Names after the Tragedy of Rust Group

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The actor talked about the fatal accident in which director of photography Helena Hutchins was killed

Alec Baldwin Talk about the tragedy that the protagonist saw. The actor finally broke the silence about the fatal accident involving the director of photography Helena Hutchins Killed with a prop gun. The 63-year-old translator recalls that the victim was her friend and the crew was so well trained that this unfortunate incident destroyed the harmony on the set.

In a video posted by TMZ, Alec Baldwin admitted that he is not allowed to make any comments because he is there Ongoing investigation. However, the Hollywood star wanted to make a public appeal:

“We need a new law for the weapons in the set, maybe they are made of plastic, I don’t know: I am not an expert but it is necessary to protect the people on the set and I will cooperate in every way in this”

Investigations are underway into the rust tragedy

The tragedy that shook the world of Hollywood and the world of entertainment in general dates back to last October 22. On the set of a Western movie at Bonanza Creek Ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico, shots fired by Alec Baldwin in an attempt to unload a prop pistol killed director of photography Helena Hutchins, 42, while They Hurt – Film Director Joel Sousa, 48 years.

in the last days Assistant Director David Holz, asserted that he had not checked all the bullets from the prop pistol that he himself had passed on to Alec Baldwin prior to the tragedy. The confession came from the minutes prepared after the interrogations, following the search warrant.

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At the moment, the sheriff has yet to file formal charges, but investigators are not ruling out charges Alec Baldwin charged with murder. Investigations continue in all areas and in the coming days The first arrests are not excluded.

Meanwhile, the Rust . movie shooting has been suspended. Alec Baldwin co-wrote the script and is also one of the producers. The story tells the story of an outlaw in the days of the Wild West: it’s Harland Rust, played by Baldwin himself.

On the cast: Travis FimmelThe face of the TV series Vikings. Marty Lindsay, who was previously seen in the Better Call Saul series and in several other films, by Brady Noun and Frances Fisher. The film was scheduled to be released in May 2022.

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