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If You Will Allow Me To Marry You, second movie tonight on Rai1

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Sara Lazzaro and Alessio Vassallo are the protagonists of the second romantic comedy in the series As Long as It Ends Well, If You Let Me Marry You, will air tonight December 15th on Rai1.

date tonight December 15th at 21.25 on Rai 1 The second title in the series As long as it ends well. titled If you leave me, I will marry you The funny, bittersweet romantic comedy, directed by director Friuli Matthew Oliotowho returns to direct a film in the series for the third time (this time in the fantastic Palmanova), and interprets it Sarah Lazarus And the Alessio Vassallo In the main roles, with the usual excellent supporting cast, which includes Paolo CalabresiAnd the Marina MaseroniAnd the Bea EnglebrethAnd the Bebo Crooked And the Paolo Bernardini. This time, the allusion to a love story … On the contrary, which starts directly from the classic crisis of the seventh year, has its roots in the more realistic narrative of the instability affecting the relationships of many children in the present day.

As long as it ends well: If you will let me marry you according to Sara Lazzaro and Alessio Vassallo

It’s a good moment for the Venetian actress Sarah LazarusTranslated from very successful TV series such as red banglesAnd the Document – in your handsAnd the demons And soon on Prime Video TV series I’m Lilo. Here explains Julia, one half of a very close couple, now in a seemingly irreversible crisis. So Sarah commented on a story If you leave me, I will marry you: “It all starts from the instability we share, at a moment in life when we, at thirty, feel betrayed in what we want and can do. A fake marriage is seen for this couple as the only solution to flourishing and being born again, but as we engage in This scam, we reinvent ourselves. It is a story that expels these thoughts and where we find comfort in the laughter generated by the chaos and uncomfortable situation.”

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Alessio Vassalloan actor from Palermo well known to television audiences (Antimafia SquadAnd the and BorgiaAnd the the doctorsAnd the hunting season And the phone concession Among the titles in which he appears), he Marco, the dreamer of the couple, a somewhat childish and very indecisive man, although he has many beautiful thoughts. This is how the actor talks about it: “Imagination in Marco’s character is fundamental and that basically unites us because we actors always live in a fantasy world. He is a character who lives with his eyes closed and sleeps with his eyes open, he tends to ignore reality. We laugh a lot but there are some very central themes, and even Sensitive, since we’re talking not only about economic instability but also emotional instability. Our story has an expiration date, and we don’t care about it and keep finding a surreal hoax. Then there’s my alter ego, the character of the fictional novel I’m writing, Captain Sig .While I was reading the script, I never imagined that I would really be found next to a two-meter-tall person in armor.”

If You Leave Me, I Will Marry You: The Plot of the Film

Julia and Marco are a couple in crisis like so many others, they are dragging themselves down by inertia and seem to have no energy even to say enough! Also because parting is expensive and not only for the emotional price: two houses, multiple expenses, double the bills … In short, one must be able to bear it, and Julia and Marco, thirty years old, unsettled and tired, are also in an economic crisis. After years of living together, he continues to persevere in the teenage dream of becoming a fantasy writer, and she, once believing in Marco’s dream, now no longer believes in her own, has resigned himself to a substitute teaching as assistant teacher, waiting for an equally imaginative competition. In the school year that is about to end, Julia follows Tommy, a twelve-year-old Chinese who lives tightly closed in his video game world and whose silence she is unable to ease. Marco takes care of it, but she doesn’t know it, sharing part of his narrative world with the boy and finding an access key to unite each other’s fantasies. But then Julia also has a weird and wonderful idea: If they don’t have money to separate, they can get married! She is clearly pretending, only to collect gifts from generous relatives and to take advantage of the treasure her mother revealed to Julia that she was saving for her wedding. You hire a deranged actor to be a priest, rambunctious musicians, set up a very radical and not-so-elegant buffet and that’s it. He then escapes and eventually part ways in addition to the loot. It is a pity that because of the pretense, strange thoughts arrive …

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Previous seasons and the previous movie to the current movie Season six From As long as it ends wellremember, are available on Rayplay.

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