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Moscow’s counter-sanctions on US and Canada: “Almost all US and Canadian MPs blacklisted”

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Russia’s sanctions against US and Canadian lawmakers 398 members of US Congress affected by sanctions in Moscow, according to a Russian agency Tax Cites note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Russia’s sanctions will be “another wave of anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the administration of Joe Biden on March 24 against 328 members of the Duma”, a response to almost all Russian legislatures. A treatment that is uniformly assigned in Washington explains the Kremlin’s note, which guarantees that it still wants to renew. Blacklist Western lawmakers, have already entered Speaker Nancy Pelosi of the American House, among the disliked people in Russia. Eighty-seven Canadian senators have also been affected by Moscow’s sanctions in the case, after the Canadian parliament decided on March 24 to add all members of the Duma to the list of allowed and banned persons from the country. Against Canada, the Kremlin explains, new counter-sanctions are planned: “including an extension of the list of Canadian citizens banned from Russia.”

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