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The Azzurri dominating the lead – OA Sport

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-11 De Matos seeks a shot at acrobatics: lopsided and off-target attempt.

-11 Merlim takes a good corner kick.

-12 Rather, the stage of the match was rebuffed: Slovenia does not become dangerous and Italy controls the supremacy.

-12 Merlim jumps on the opponent and tries to do everything himself: the conclusion is given.

-13 Stringari imposes the play, loses the ball and commits a foul: also booked. The third mistake on the children of Bellarte.

-13 De Oliveira fails to shoot: Slovenian captain Osridkar blocked him.

-13 Hozgan’s long-range shot: off target, the blue defense didn’t make it easy for him to finish.

-14 Predict Totskovic! This free kick for Slovenia could have ended badly.

-14 naive Alano who lets Totoshkovic snatch the ball: the blue foul is booked.

-15 Good coverage of De Matos: Italy makes the game and also defends itself in an excellent way.

-15 Another mistake made by Slovenia: Bokovic also warned.

-16 Merlim! Berzelak clumsily swerved into position: Azzurri almost doubled.

-16 Ceh also warned: two errors already for Slovenia.

-16 De Oliveira relegated after breaking free from De Matos’ superb heel strike.

16 – Merlim initiative aimed at lethality: a skewed kick with a corner kick.

-17 ingenuity by Cujec foul on Nicolodi.

Cujec is well contained by the blue defenders and side kicks.

-18 Berzlak is completely out of support after going up to provide support in the attack.

-18 Pietrangelo is still inaccurate in the hallway: you have to be more thorough when leaving with your feet.

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-19 Nickelodeon!!!! Italy advantage!!!! Run to the right, jump dry Hazzgan: Under Barzalaq’s legs! 1-0 to the Azzurri.

-19 Houzgan tries: Nicholas replied.

-19 is not accurate in setting up Pietrangelo: there is little emotion in his beginning.

Italy and Slovenia begin! GO BLUE!

17.29 Spanish referee Juan Jose Cordeiro Gallardo, considered one of the best match managers in the world.

17.28 Slovenia started very well in this continental review: 4-4 matured with Kazakhstan after the initial 4-2 by the Slovenes against one of this European’s best quality formations.

17.26 And now our anthem, Song of the Italians: Mamelli’s Hymn!

17.25 Time to play the national anthems at MartiniPlaza in Groningen: we start with the Slovenian anthem.

17.24 Then Mamarella was replaced by Petrangelo among the exhibitors and the captain became the star Alex Merlem, the most creative and unusual player in the Italian national team.

17.22 These are the Bellarte and Horvat options:

17.19 The Azzurri lost by pieces compared to the first match: there will be no Mota and Mamarilla in a row due to injury and positivity to Covid-19. In their place is called Julio de Oliveira and Lorenzo Petrangelo.

17.16 Italy affected 3-3 with Finland: an unsatisfactory start for the Bellarti boys, which can be expected in the offensive phase and some inaccurate errors in the defensive phase. You will have to take a turn to get around the turn.

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17.13 Italy, Slovenia, Finland and Kazakhstan meet for one point in Group B: in fact, they have reached two draws in the first two matches. This second day will be decisive.

17.10 Good evening OA Sport friends and welcome to the LIVE LIVE of Italy-Slovenia, on the second day of the 2022 UEFA Five-a-Day Football Championship to be held in the Netherlands.

match schedule

Hello OA Sport friends and welcome Live broadcasts from Italy and Slovenia, the second day of the 2022 UEFA Five-a-Day Football Championship to be held in the Netherlands.

L ‘Italia Face to the extreme against Finland: He did not convince Bellarte’s team in the first appearance, as he was beaten three times by the Finnish attacker. Even in the offensive phase, the Azores were not productive: sterile in their maneuvers and somewhat predictable. More speed and unpredictability are needed in order to destabilize the Slovenian defense. he will not be there to receive, injured, while Fortini recovers. Will definitely play again MerlimHe recovered from Covid at the last second. The 35-year-old from Sporting can create numerical superiority with individual ability. Will try to continue recording too de matos Two goals after the first game.

There is, too Slovenia He started with a draw in the first match, against one of the most competitive teams in the continental review, namely Kazakhstan. Italy have lost to the Slovenes in their last two continental matches: 3-2 in 2014 and 2-1 in 2018. Bellerte’s team won two friendlies at the end of 2019. The Slovenian star is the captain. Usridkar72 goals for his country. The split side looked especially hot I study youWhich threatens its quality in the implementation phase.

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Brought to you by OA Sport Live broadcast from Italy and Slovenia, the second day of the 2022 UEFA Five-a-Day Football Championship. Scheduled departure at 20.30 at Martini Plaza in Groningen (Netherlands). Enjoy and come to Azzurri!


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