May 30, 2023

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Excellence in Women’s Soccer, Vis Sora 07-Montespaccato 0-5

The superior class opponent and Juventus’ many absences do not allow Vis to maintain a proper pace for the entire match, forcing Sorany to make room for a massive Montespacato in the second part of the game. Once again, however, it can be said that it has been a week and opportunity for growth for the entire group on and off the field, with the team that has definitely come out reinforced internally this week and with more and more minutes for the less experienced girls continuing to grow.
The first break ends 0-1 with the goal of Oueslati, while the visiting team spreads in the second half with Oueslati, Angeloni, Riba and Spagnolo again: 0-5 final score. Now Sora is expected to come out of the double away match for Frascati and Valmontone, while they will return to play at home later with Morena.

Face Sora 07: Paolella, Coccini, Mancini, Carnival, Cecchini, Santopetro, Friuli, Macia, Marini, Delisandro, Bescia. Available: Ungurean, Andreucci, Chech, Valente.

Montespato: Cicatello, Angelini, Bertoni, Fioretti, Loddo, Paglialunga, Oueslati, Angelone, Sciarretti, Ripa, Spagnuolo. Available: De Liri, Borzi, Desi, Giulianelli, Monia.

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