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Ingas Hockey Vercelli between track and solidarity –

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Very intense days for Engas Hockey Vercelli, both in sports and in terms of charitable initiatives.

Let’s start from the track with the words of the coach Roberto Crudelli Who analyzes the moment of the team: We knew it was going to be a difficult time. In which we were supposed to be facing the strongest teams in the tournament, we are doing it well, except for last Tuesday’s game away from home in Lodi. However, we must understand that sometimes a bad performance can come out: Oruste wasn’t feeling well, he was on the right track in the first half trying, but in the end he couldn’t do anything. The goal now is to try to get him back as quickly as possible and try to get an important performance like in other games. This is the idea we have and we want to move forward, not like in Lodi: As far as performance on the track is concerned, we have to stay above the problems, not give up“. Now we are going to France with two very difficult matches, the pros and cons of each of which must be weighed. On Saturday we will play against French club Noisy Le Grand and on Sunday against Spain’s Lleida. Then, between Sunday night and early Monday morning, we’ll be back and from there the journey will begin to get to the final match of Round 1 next Wednesday.” (HV Bassano will host, Editor).

As stated by the Tuscan coach, now is the time for Europe: at this stage of concentration WSE Cup The first pass of each group and the second best pass. continue rude: “The goal is this. Now it is about choosing priorities when we have injuries, knowing how to manage resources to understand what is most important at this moment in the season for the club. However, we will try to do well in everything And then we’ll see how the situation develops, however The important thing is that you always give your best.

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The winter transfer market session is also approaching: “The transfer market in the middle of the season will go hand in hand with whether we intend to make changes or not: if there are players leaving, we will have to look for others, otherwise the first players cannot go. We evaluate and talk: depending on what the situation will be, we will try to find the best solutions. It’s not easy to do on the run, it’s not like the June transfer market: you have to try to do your best by taking into account the way the team was originally built, and if possible make some workarounds.

HV continues its social commitment by returning to support the Vercelli Pediatric Orcology ODV with the now traditional collection of Christmas toys that will benefit the pediatric oncology of Regina Margherita of Turin and the pediatric ward of Sant’ Andrew of Vercelli. The group will take place on Wednesday December 21 in front of Palpregnolato in the Isola region from 7 to 7:15 pm, The day of the last match of the first round in which HV will host Bassano.

Ms Franca Alessio French By ODV: We take care of Cancer children, whom we want to try to help in every way, we try to ease their thoughts, and even more so on the holidays, to help them smile.

Fabrizio Lagetto, with Elena Ruggia HV Operations Manager (both responsible for the company’s philanthropic initiatives): Games will gather in front of the arena from 7 to 7:15 p.m. With the exception of soft toys, you can donate any kind, as the recipients’ age varies from a few months to eighteen years. For those who come, a “panissata” charity will be organized with a free show (organized thanks to Vice President Racioppi) and there will also be drinks and coffee. Proceeds will always be donated to the ODV Children’s Oncology Society.”

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This year, two Vercelli institutes also take part in the charitable initiative: The Avogadro Middle School and Rosa Stampa Comprehensive Institute, Represented at the press conference respectively by prof Rafaela Fontana And the principal of the school Lina Armante. The latter demonstrates the commitment of the pupils: They designed Christmas cards to accompany the gifts for the children.”

Once again, Circolo Bellaria is an integral part of the action, As he explains Christian Jobato: The Circle accompanies the various associations by acting as a common thread. We are happy to add a small piece each year, This time schools are giving us a hand with cards: It is an initiative that continues to grow and we are proud of it because it is driven by friendship.”

We remind you that it is also possible to donate in other ways to the Pediatric Association ODV Oncology for Vercelli these are the details:

Bank Transfer: Banca UniCredit IBAN IT15L0200810010000105125045

5×1000 Specification: CF 94039590024

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