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Ukraine war Russia, the latest news on the crisis. directly

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Kyiv returns to a more defensible front line

After the capture of Lysychansk and Moscow’s control of the Ukrainian Lugansk region (east), the Ukrainian forces will be able to retreat to an easily defensible front line: British intelligence writes in its daily update of the situation in the country. The report, posted on Twitter by the Ministry of Defense, asserts that Russia’s “relatively quick capture” of Lyschansk has allowed its forces to establish control over almost all of Lugansk’s territory and demand substantive progress on the goal. He presented a politician as a direct goal of the war, that is, “liberating” Donbass. In contrast to the pre-war phases, the report continues, it is likely that Russia achieved reasonably effective coordination between at least two groups of forces: the central group probably commanded by General Colonel Alexander Labin and the southern group likely under the assigned commander. General Sergei Surovkin. at recent days. The Battle of Donbass has hitherto been marked by a creeping advance and extensive use of artillery by Russia: intelligence concluded that fighting in the Donetsk region would almost certainly continue in this way.

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