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Did you know that there is a washing machine for humans? Here’s how it works

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If you think you’ve already seen a lot, the human washer arrives from Japan: are we going to change the way we wash forever?

Nothing is better than taking a shower after a tiring and busy day: this simple and indispensable ritual is one of the most beloved of all, as it allows the body and mind to rejuvenate like no other. However, this may all change soon, or rather, in the not too distant future, we can say goodbye to the traditional shower and the good old bathtub.

A washing machine for humans, the latest crazy innovation ready to revolutionize personal hygiene (

Yes, because it’s coming from the sunrise Crazy news Which relates to the way the majority of the world’s population has so far taken care of their personal hygiene. This innovation has the washing machine as the main one, but not the usual household appliances we are all familiar with. It’s a washing machine that we’ll likely use to wash ourselves, and it’s also equipped with many other amenities worthy of a sci-fi movie set!

In fact, the basic idea was actually launched in 1970 by Sanyo Electric, but now the Japanese company Science company He took up the project, enriching it with more intricate details. At this point, we say to find out what the famous washing machine that is intended for people and not for laundry is made of, do you agree?

In a few years, humans will be washing in the washing machine: the latest gimmick in Japanese technology

We all knew that the creativity of the manga homeland has always been prolific with unimaginable innovations, but how many of you manage not to widen your eyes when reading about Washing machine can replace the bathroom and shower in all our lives? However, if you imagine some kind of hyperbaric chamber with a cold, sterile atmosphere, you are wrong.

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washing machine for people
Shower in the washing machine? No, it’s not science fiction: in the future you can wash like this (

The promoters of this revolution have thought of everything. Let’s start by saying that the first model designed in the 1970s consisted of an egg-shaped, ultrasonic-equipped bathroom that was filled with hot water as soon as a person sat inside. Three hundred balls massaged the entire body and supersonic waves created a thorough cleansing. In addition, a quarter-hour drying process was envisioned.

Now that Science Co has scrapped the original idea, The project is called Usoyaro It provides the possibility while you are in the washing machine to watch a good video. The first prototype will be shown in 2025 at the Expo in Osaka Water spray that removes dirt and a sensor that monitors heartbeat. AI will collect this data and on its basis will select music and images that are comfortable to display on waterproof screens. Have you ever imagined such a scenario?

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