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Hockey, a weekend full of fun and sorrows on figure skating

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Weekend of joys and sorrows for figure skating formations, participating in various on-line hockey tournaments. On Saturday, the track of less than 12 Marco Liberati SRL stops. The team, led by Laura Giannini, succumbed to Cos Verona with a score of 10-3, 8-2, thus interrupting its run in the tournament in the round of 16.

These are the players present: Miguel Mili, Adriano Bassetti, Stefano Travaglione, Chiara, Simone de Meo, Ludovica Giancola, Emmanuel Tranquilli and Michael Cacciatori.

Also on Saturday, under 16 Marco Liberati SRL will be on stage at PalaMercuri. The team led by Martina Gavazzi passed the round of 16 against Scomede Bomborto (MO) without any special issues, winning the first race 9-3 and the second 6-3.

These are the players in attendance: Giulia Molica, Francesca Borghi, Ruggiero, Bernardo Miccone, Danielle Scicuti, Emmanuel Scotti, Giulia Pozzi, Aurora De Vazi, Luiz Ciucci, Gloria Padovan, Eduardo Ciucci, Manuel Caranant, Leonardo Pistorola and Luis Torino. Nicholas Cassese.

But on Sunday it was the turn of women’s training at PalaMercuri, which is branded CRT. The girls, led by coach Gavazzi, first beat the second place in the standings, the Verona Cup, 3-2 after penalty kicks, and then the leaders Diavoli Vicenza 2-1 after extra time. Despite the two successes, Civitavecchia players closed the regular season in third place in the standings.
These are the players present: Eugenia Pompanin, Veronica Novelli, Leticia Barocci, Elisa Dibenardo, Mara and Michela Farravelli, Laura Giannini, Martina Mori, Martina Socci, Eleonora Raya, Noemi Giannuzzi, Rosaria Nampolito, Sarah and Julia Debussy, Aurora for Louise’s pacifiers.

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Finally, on Sunday afternoon, in Ferrara, the boys from the elite Red Carpet pizzeria under the age of 18 rose on stage. Young players led by coach Riccardo Valentini lost 6-5 to Ferrara Warriors. Leading 6-2, the citizens of Civitavecchia almost leveled with a goal of 6-6 by canceling a questionable referee’s whistle.
These are the players present: Giulia Molica, Alessandro De Vazi, Manlio Mandolfo, Bernardo Miccone, Danielle Scicuti, Michelangelo Tranquilli, Emmanuel Scotti, Manuel Bruno, Christian Caranant, Michele Orlando, Emmanuel Serrano.

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