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American Pie 2: Everything Curious About the Movie

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american pie throws 2

Released in cinemas in 1999, american pie It quickly became a historical cult as well as a huge box office success. The movie was written by Adam Herz and take out Pee And the Chris Witz, itself a series of valid stereotypes about American adolescence, enriched by comedic situations that are now part of the common imagination. From there, the story evolved which now contains four main chapters and five episodic feature films. The first of these sequels was shown in theaters in 2001 under the title american pie 2this time directed by James B. Rogersknown as the director of the second unit of several American comedies.

This sequel, which sees all the main cast members return, continues the adventures of the goofy male protagonists who struggle for their relationships with women and sexuality. Therefore, the characteristics that made the first film fortune were re-proposed, to which, however, new misunderstandings and comic situations were added, like making it to many. American Pie 2 More fun than the previous one. Even then, the success was actually extraordinary and for a budget of $30 million, the film reached more than 287 worldwide.

followed in 2003 American Pie – Marriage And from American Pie: Together Again, which in 2012 led to the reunion of the original cast, this second act is a title that cannot be missed. Filled with comedy and emotion, it remains one of the brightest thriller comedies in American cinema today. Before proceeding to see the film, it would certainly be worthwhile to delve into some intriguing things about this. Continue reading here, it will be possible to find more details related to Piece and all cast. Finally, the main items will also be listed broadcast platforms Containing the movie in their catalog.

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American Pie 2: movie plot

The story of this sequel takes place in the height of summer, when Kevin He suggests others to rent a house on the lake where they can spend the hottest months of the season. Jim And the pulsate immediately accept, Geesedespite his fiancée heatherShe decides to go with them because she works abroad with the school. pop upInstead, he was called upon for his financial support rather than his sympathy. To support themselves, however, the five realize they have to find some small work. By chance, they found out Daniel And the amberwho live nearby, are looking for help to renovate their apartment.

Everything seems to be going smoothly until Stifler convinces his friends that the owners of the house are lesbians, causing huge and funny misunderstandings. Meanwhile he meets Kevin VickiHis ex-wife is from high school, and finds that he has never forgotten her. On the other hand, Oz finds himself having to maintain an active relationship with his partner, even if he is far away. Jim, for his part, is trying to impress NadiaA young Czechoslovak student asks for advice from Michelle, her friend from the gang. Soon, the relationships between all of them will tend to get complicated, resulting in situations that are as unpredictable as they are fun.

American Pie 2

American Pie 2: the movie crew

In the role of Jim Levenstein, the true hero of the series, there is again Jason Biggs. Alison Hannigan Instead, he reprises the role of Michelle Flaherty, dividing herself between this group and that of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Plus epic american pieIn fact, the actress is best known for playing the witch Willow in that series, as well as Lily in How did you meet your mother. Eddie Kay Thomas He returns to interpret another prominent character in the saga, or Paul Finch, while Thomas Ian Nicholas It’s Kevin Myers, the most elegant and organized man of the group. Chris Klein He plays Oz, a character who was not present in the third movie. no escape Sean William Scottwho is best known for her role as Steve Stifler and was later also seen in amazon treasure.

The actor got a lot more relevance in this part than the first, thanks to the recognition his character received. Then there are the actresses Shannon Elizabeth In the role of Nadia (a role she accepted on the condition not to appear naked), Dennis Fay In those of Danielle e Lisa Arturo In the role of amber. then there Tara Read Committed to bringing Vicky back to life, Natasha Lyon for Jessica and Mina Suvariwho reprises the role of Heather instead. Eugene Levy He returns to play Noah Levenstein, Jim’s father. To date, he is the only actor who has starred in all the films in this saga. Jennifer Collegewho has become a symbol for the role of Stifler’s mother, takes on the character again on this occasion.

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American Pie 2: The audio clip, the trailer, and where to watch the movie in live broadcasts and on TV

In addition to a lot of comedic and sexual situations in the film, the accompanying soundtrack is especially popular as well American Pie 2. In this you can find famous pieces like Every time I look at you subordinate flicker 182 or fat lip subordinate sum 41. Other famous songs used in the narration are criminal smoothsubordinate space ant farmAnd the very deep, subordinate sum 41And the Phoebe Kitts subordinate Phoenix * TX And the Always get over you, to Angela Ammons. arcade like Everywhereto Michel BranchAnd the I willto Lucia. Particularly known is the customized version produced by sports films be like thisfrom the rock band 3 doors down.

It is possible to take advantage of American Pie 2 Thanks to its presence on some of the most popular streaming platforms on the net today. This is actually available in catalogs Rakuten TV, Chili Cinema, Google Play, Apple iTunes, Now, Amazon Prime Video and Tim Vision. To see it, once you choose the reference platform, simply rent one movie or sign up for a general subscription. This way you will be able to watch it in complete comfort and with the best video quality. The movie is also on TV schedule Monday February 21 at 21:10 on the channel twenty seven.

source: IMDb

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