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Tests start from Canada

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Adobe has announced the launch Check out the free version of Photoshop WebAnd wants to make it available to everyone in the future to allow users to discover the potential of their application.

The trial began in Canada, where interested parties can access the Photoshop web through their free Adobe Accounts. The Developers describe the service as “free”, Obviously some features have been removed and are only available to paid subscribers who purchase the full subscription. However, users will gain the ability to access all the basic functions of the powerful photo editing application.

Says Maria Yap, VP of Adobe’s Digital Imaging.We want to make Photoshop more accessible and guarantee easier access to the tools available“.

Photoshop can access the web Dedicated website Since last October, it has been providing all the basic tools for editing photos and images. With this paradigm shift, Adobe aims to attract more users to full subscriptionsMaking him “taste” the ability (albeit part).

There is no information on when and when these tests will land in our country and we will let you know as soon as the details come out. In the meantime, let us know what you think through the comments.

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