March 22, 2023

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Finally, Dispose of bulky waste via Canada: Identified and permitted by the Municipality

The final liqueur. He arrived in a blue van from another municipality when he finally decided to drop the bulky waste via Canada in Pia.

On Wednesday morning, December 15, Finale Ambiente staff and municipal police learned of the incident. Police immediately launched an investigation and identified the culprit as allowed. He was also charged with the cost of cleaning up the area.

“Cooperation between the Metropolitan Police and the Final Environment Association is leading to sanctions across the territory of individuals who think they can pollute the city by dropping bulky materials on various ecological islands – says Deputy Mayor Andrea Gucci – Councilor for Environment and Urban Health with these finished cameras and services We try to limit.

These are “gestures of indecency and nonsense of individuals who do not respect the environment and the decor of the city, regardless of whether the bulk collection service is free, and has been providing monthly neighborhood service in various city districts since last year.”, Gucci concludes.

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