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“I played the whale like it was my last”

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We continue to talk about The Whale and its hero Brendan Fraser, awaiting the release of the film in Italian theaters scheduled for February 23rd.

From the latest version of Venice Film Festivalwhen Whale Presented in competition as a world premiere, we are witnessing the newfound popularity of Brendan Fraser Or, as her die-hard fans have called her since the trilogy mummythe prenice. New award winner like Best Actor at the Critics’ Choice AwardsAnd Fraser And we’re all looking forward to January 24th when the nominations are made Academy Awards 2023, to also be able to read his name on the shortlist for the top five shows of the year.

Now we know very well that story Whalein the cinema in Italy From the 23rd of FebruaryIt tells about a man who suffers from a serious eating disorder that leads him to gain more than 270 kg of weight. He lives secluded at home, conducts online courses, and cuts off all ties with the outside world. When a radical diagnosis hits his health, he tries in every way to restore contact with his daughter, who has long been estranged from his life. The movie is directed by Darren Aronowski Sharing can be counted on Sadie Sink in the role of a girl.

Brendan Fraser: We didn’t know if we were going to go back to work the next day

The actor is still sought after by the media, precisely because the movie and his performance as an obesity professor never stops making headlines this current award season. In a recent interview with Sirius XM radio station, Brendan Fraser He described his experience as follows:

As I went on to play this character, I felt in my heart that I might no longer be invited to do an actor’s work. It’s really an honor to do what I do, and when I saw such a relevant story, I knew I had to give it my all. And that I had to finish each day and wish I could have done things differently. And it wasn’t particularly difficult because, as with so many other films, The Whale was also made during a Covid period when we were all facing some kind of existential threat. We didn’t know if we would be back at work the next day. But I don’t need to say that.

But that certainly permeated the project, making us all take better care of ourselves, towards each other. Making a movie about a man who lacks life, against the backdrop of real circumstances against him, while wondering if we’ll ever go back to making a movie like this, allowed us to feel the full weight of the story.

below whale trailer.

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