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The turbine returned to Germany to restart Nord Stream 1

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The Canada results in Russian threat. After pressure from Germany, Ottawa It has announced that it will be returned Berlin A Turbine Block the pipeline Nord Stream 1 Can be closed again. Say that then the Germany will send to E. Thus the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau He cannot be accused of being disrespectful Obstacles Against the Kremlin introduced after the Russian invasion Ukraine. A move dictated mainly by the energy crisis threatening Europe. And because, sinceFrom July 11 to 21, Gazprom By reducing supply gas Because Regular maintenance of pipe. The Russian multinational justified the reduction on the basis of non-availability of the component. On the other hand, Russia Use gas supplies like A political weapon.

Gas, Nord Stream has been shut down since July 11. Warning in Europe: “Prices will rise”. But negotiations with Moscow continue

Gas, importance of turbine and penalty nozzle

Turbine on the ground, repaired in a factory Siemens of MontrealWill be sent to Germany and then deliver it to Russia. The indirect process would allow Canada to say it is not waiving sanctions put in place after the invasion of Ukraine. In fact, current restrictions prohibit the export of certain products and technologies to Russia, including turbines..

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Germany rejoices

“We welcome the decision of our Canadian friends and allies,” the president said Olaf Scholes (SPD). The Ottawa government had previously said it would return the turbine to Germany in an exception to sanctions against Russia. The German government is preparing for the worst ahead of this winter, where the entire nation could face energy shortages.

France is preparing for the worst

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire At an economic conference in Aix-en-Provence in southern France on Sunday, the French government said it was preparing to completely cut off Russian gas supplies. Paris is less dependent on Russian gas supplies than neighboring European countries such as Germany or Italy. But the supply disruption will be particularly problematic because French nuclear power plants will now struggle to close the gap, with many reactors shut down for maintenance.

Ukraine’s reaction

The Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian-Canadian Congress opposed the move, saying it would favor the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin and undermine Canada’s commitment to large-scale sanctions against Russia. Alexandra Chyczij, national president of the Ukrainian-Canadian Congress, issued a scathing statement saying the government had bowed to “Russian intimidation.” “By accepting Germany’s request, Canada would not only violate its policy of isolating Russia, but would also set a dangerous precedent that could lead to a weakening of the sanctions regime on Russia,” he said.

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