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Bianchina, the most powerful cleansing cream out there: only 3 ingredients are enough

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Bianchina: powerful cleansing cream. With only three ingredients you will get an unprecedented result. It will surprise you

Bianchina: The most effective cleansing cream ever. Make it at home a children’s play (Photo by Jukka Nitema from Pixabay)

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The world is now moving forward in a way embarrassedHabits change, lifestyle changes, all very quickly. Change is even the way to take care of the house and do cleaning. How? Well, it goes without saying that we are very conditioned to the advertised products it includes Business. They stain, polish, disinfect, especially after an epidemic, sell products”specificSuffered a crazy boom, though the prices high. If we stop for a moment and evaluate the situation with a clear mind, we can realize that often, we buy products that, in addition to being completely ineffective, though expensive, Harmful. We can easily dispense with many specific products and replace them With natural products, as our grandmothers did. with results BetterFurthermore it.

Bianchina: The ultimate cleansing cream. Let’s find out more

cleansing cream ingredients
Preparing Bianchina, a cleansing cream with amazing results (Photo by Hoa Luu from Pixabay)

Not always a product Chemicalwhich are advertised and marketed efficiently. They are often expensive and harmful to us environmental system. Our grandmothers didn’t have the ability to use some products, they didn’t have the ability to present And in any case, not everyone had the economic possibility to purchase products for the home. Not only. Basically they didn’t have anything need tobecause they were able to efficiently and effectively exploit everything in nature.

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Laundry items are washed with an attachment asholive oil is used as a hair gel, in short, from home care to personal care, the only products used They were only natural and exclusive. Maybe because of this the reason Was their furniture, linens, and anything they had, always in good shape forever? Includes hair. How many people probably remember the furniture in their grandmother’s house or the floors transparencies? No supernatural power: only products natural. Let’s find out what they used to clean effectively.

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One of them is often used in household chores generous Cleaner with amazing results: Bianchina. Have you heard of him before? It’s really productive strong Practically low cost. In fact, it is possible to make this wonderful product directly home in no time. All you will need is bicarbonate Sodium talcum powder And water. The procedure is really very simple. In a bowl, put two spoons of baking soda e two of talcum powder.

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mix up The two products are well done, until they are confused. At this point add water until you get a mixture Dense And a pie (like cream). At this point your product is Ready to use. Spread it on the surface you want and let it work at least 5 Minutes. Then with a microfiber cloth and hot water Removal the product. The result will be wonderful. This can be cream used To whiten sofas, furniture, chairs and all furnishings, especially light-coloured ones. clean it sensitive Without damaging furniture or objects and without causing harm to our ecosystem. Try it What are you waiting for now?

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