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5 ways to free up space on your phone

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The latest generation phones provide more and more memory space but it is not difficult to fill it up quickly. To saturate smart phones especially the Lots of photos and videosHowever, many applications that are used little or no use, and many data that accumulate without you even realizing it, also have their weight.

There are slightly different methods depending on whether you are using an Android phone or an iPhone but the principles are basically the same. Here are 5 things to do for Free up space on your phone.

1. Delete Duplicate Photos

It may sound trivial, yet we all have hundreds of duplicate photos in our devices. In fact, we often take the same photo for safety and then leave it in memory as a result of taking up unnecessarily a lot of space. Simple and tangible help to delete duplicate photos is represented by Some specific applications How Remo Duplicate Photos Remover (on me Android), refined cleaner for Android or Photo Cleaner on iOS.

2. Save photos and videos to the cloud

Another effective way is to save photos and videos in the virtual spaces provided by apps like Google Photos (Google One), iCloud, OneDrive, Flickr. These services provide several gigabytes of memory completely free but also allow you to increase the storage space with very affordable monthly or yearly subscriptions. In fact, the costs are not exaggerated, on Google 100 GB of additional memory costs 1.99 € per monthiCloud another 200 GB at 2.99 € OneDrive 100 GB They cost 20 euros a year.

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These applications not only allow you to free up space on your smartphone, but also allow you to easily access all our photos and videos. on any device to implement Automatic copy of contents Which becomes a valuable help in case of losing the device.

3. Delete the apps you don’t use

Over time, we collect many apps on our phones that we have used little or no use. It’s hard to gauge how much space these apps take up, and sometimes that’s really a lot. On Android phones, just go up Settings And the Applications And check their true weight, and evaluate which of them can be canceled because it is considered useless. The procedure is the same for iPhones, by accessing the menu Settings.

4. Empty the cache and temporary files

Cache is the space occupied by the phone to manage apps launch more quickly while keeping usage data. By clearing the cache of these apps You can free up a lot of memory It is a simple process. in the list Settings You choose this item ApplicationsAnd the storage memory and select the item Clear cache. Similarly, proceed on the iPhone from the settings menu and select this item in each individual application even if there are not many applications that offer this functionality due to differences in the operation of the Apple operating system.

5. Delete movie and music downloads

Another very effective tip to free up space on your phone is Delete downloaded movies, music, and multimedia files Using apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Spotify, and many more. In particular, to rate movies and TV series that are downloaded locally to be able to watch even when no internet connection. Once you have seen or listened to the contents, you must remember to delete them, a process that is simply done in the download area of ​​each individual application.

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