March 23, 2023

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Sky offer, these are the crucial hours to take advantage of it: the discount is guaranteed

Sky offer, these are the crucial hours to take advantage of: the discount is guaranteed. How promotion works and what customers need to do

Password at home sky In recent years it has been diversified. It is no longer just a pay-TV, with the tangible mission of providing sports fans with a very complete panorama. But also a fiber that has been working well for several months and recently too Televisions.

Sky offer, these are the critical hours to take advantage of it (ANSA)

Media giant television. It seemed strange, but it did Sky GlassComcast pay-TV, the first branded smart TV straight from Comcast pay-TV, with everything you need for subscribers at your fingertips and by voice. Three models were launched immediately, 43-, 55- and 65-inch models, all with 4K HDR picture quality, with great attention also being given to sound and five different colors.

The trade show, available in the Sky spaces as well as in the flagship stores of the Mediaworld and Unieuro chain, contains offers with fixed prices. We start at €697 (minimum €11.90 per month with 48 installments) for 43″, then go up to €995 (€17.90 per month minimum with 48 installments) for 55″ and end up with €1,293 (€23.90) per month minimum 48 installments) for 65 inches.

Sky offer, these are the crucial hours to take advantage of it: all offer prices

But customers can still benefit from it for a few dayscommercial offer Which includes 43 ″ Sky Glass with full Sky entertainment, documentaries, TV series and a subscription to Netflix at €29.90 per month for the first 18 months. The same offer is available for the 55-inch model but increases to €35.90 per month for the first 18 months and for the 65-inch model (€41.90 per month for the first 18 months).

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The customer can then choose whether to pay the TV all at once or in monthly installments: 48 installments are at the lowest, but you can choose 24. Subscription fee only. In any case, the TV will remain the property of the customer even if he does not decide to stay on Sky.

Sky Glass, view still open (ANSA)

All customers at the purchase stage will be able to add subscriptions to other content as well. For example, for sports, the Package at 16 euros per month or the package with football only for 5 euros per month.