Home sport soccer. Cremonese: Struppa asks for a character in Brescia

soccer. Cremonese: Struppa asks for a character in Brescia

soccer.  Cremonese: Struppa asks for a character in Brescia

Cremona – Brescia derby special match. Not only because the Swallows appeared injured and with a new coach on the bench that could be temporary, but because the atmosphere in Rigamonti will be warm. Giovanni Stroppa He pressed the character button several times in a preview of the next away match in which Cremonese is seeking a third successive win.

Meanwhile, Brescia is the team that has conceded the fewest goals ever.

“In light of the numbers that Brescia and Cremonese have, I can say what we will be able to find on Sunday and what happened previously. Brescia came out of defeat but the team has always shown that it is in good shape, that it knows how to effectively apply both phases, especially defensively, I don’t know.” What will happen to Rimonti, but against Spezia I saw good reactions on a physical and conceptual level, I saw quality in doing things and we need to assert ourselves. “But be careful because we will definitely find the environment on fire and I expect a mental reaction from Brescia. That’s why I’m asking the team to make another leap in quality because Brescia will do it.”

At the same time, Cremonesi showed that Ora Struppa works physically.

“Cremonese’s physical condition has improved a lot, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to play a match at this level against Spezia, which has a good motor. The question is how many kicks do you take and how do you do them, and from this point of view I am very satisfied because in this game you have to put your legs together.” also.”

Mager returns to the group, but Abrego and Sarr are absent.

“I’m very sorry for Sarr too because he was injured in training. As they say, he will come back stronger than before but only next season. Now it’s Jongdal’s turn, so welcome the Italian Cup which he has already opened in the tournament.” “An important match, he already knows the climate that awaits him and what race he will need to run.”

Going into the break with another win will be essential for continuity.

“Overcoming Brescia with three points would mean a lot and provide continuity. I think Brescia is the most difficult obstacle to face at the moment. As mentioned, they concede few goals from the back but up front they have strong strikers.” “We have a competitive team. But I repeat myself and point my finger again at the side of character. If that’s missing, we risk walking away with broken bones.”


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