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Euthanasia for the mentally ill in Canada

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The Lancet was concerned by the drifts of “sweet death” in the country

The Lancet warns of euthanasia in Canada: Even the medical-scientific establishment’s “bible” condemns the slide to “sweet death.” “As the death toll under the Medicaid Act rises, its immediate expansion will include those with mental illness,” the paper says. Last year, three UN human rights experts already declared that the Canadian law violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.. Bill C-7 would recognize the right to euthanasia, not only for those who have the capacity to understand and have the will, but also for those with dementia. “Should future Canadians apologize for euthanasia of the disabled?” There was an editorial The Washington Post published two weeks agoA newspaper certainly isn’t used to culture wars.

Between 2016 and 2021, medical staff administered fatal doses to more than 31,000 people who usually, but not always, became ill. An Associated Press investigation uncovered audio in which a Canadian hospital director told a non-terminal patient that his hospital stay would “cost $1,500 a day” and that euthanasia would be recommended.. Of the 10,000 Canadians who received euthanasia last year, 1,740 suffered from loneliness, according to the Department of Health’s annual report. Isn’t a “sweet death” reserved for the sick? Tim Stainton, director of the Canadian Institute for Inclusion and Citizenship at the University of British Columbia, described the Canadian law as “probably the biggest existential threat to people with disabilities since the Nazi program in Germany in the 1930s.” There is more than one reason to panic over this inclined plane.

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