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Mother’s Day, review: Moms never get mad on Netflix

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Recently featured in the Netflix catalog, Mother’s Day, a Polish film, in which a mother with a past as a secret agent must save her son she has never met, who has been kidnapped by unscrupulous criminals.

The hero’s name, i.e. Nina, is like the character played by Bridget Fonda Codename: Nina (1993), the Stars and Stripes edition of the eternal cult Nikita (1990) by Luc Besson. In reality, we are facing yet another action heroine, ready to make justice prevail and to protect the people dear to her while hiding her true identity.

Mother's Day 4

Mother’s Day: A scene from the movie

As we tell you in the review mother’s Daythis Polish-flagged production is part of a now-unified trend, with badass women—fact Solid, strong – who have nothing to envy to their male colleagues, engaged in hand-to-hand combat and chain shootings. It is no coincidence that the film got into the catalog Netflix Just days after Mother’s Day and on the heels of very recent viewership success the mom (2023) with Jennifer Lopez, where he shares many ideas with her.

mother’s heart

Mother's Day 2

Mother’s Day: Image from the movie

You see the plot of Mother’s Day as we said in the heart of the story Nina, a former secret NATO Special Forces agent who had to start from scratch and build a new identity after the corpse he was a part of was “unofficially” dismantled. The woman had to give up this dramatic past forever, and she also had to give up adoption born son, the fruit of the union between her and a colleague who has disappeared: these, Max, grew up with an adoptive mother and father, belonging to the city’s political class. Nina never lost touch with this boy, unaware of his presence, spying on him from afar with binoculars or on social networks; When he comes by a criminal organization who intends to blackmail his parents, decides to take action himself to save him. Thus the heroine will end up in a complex and mysterious conspiracy with some of the most powerful local gangsters and will have to unleash her amazing spy skills to get out of it safely as soon as possible.

Mother, review: On Netflix, a new thriller with Jennifer Lopez

steel woman

Mother's Day 1 I1Vieww

Mother’s Day: a still from the movie

From the short prologue, where our challenger is a group of budding thugs who have been molesting two young girls, we understand The “raw” soul of the processwhich also tries to exploit a certain irony regarding this woman’s femininity Farida: It is no coincidence that he resorts to shopping bags, eggs, or carrots, or even flour and kitchen utensils, to eliminate his opponents, as if confirming that the fiercest spirit coexists with the spirit of the skilled worker. A solution that is partly self-deprecating even if it is launched in a context that contains little or nothing comedy and takes itself very seriously in its melodramatic spirit, between remorse and remorse that gradually unfold in the revelation of a widely inappropriate truth, as well as the expected hit scenes that You see the inevitable betrayals as yet another step to turn paths on the predetermined path.

From Poland angrily

Mother's Day 5

Mother’s Day: a moment from the movie

An essential earnestness, which prevails in the mother-daughter relationship that presses to the heart of the story, contrasting at the same time with the excessive characterization of the villains and the supporting cast: from the shaven-headed, sadomasochistic villain who keeps his father’s head in a vat of formaline to the one who helps Nina hope to reestablish relations with her daughter , secondary elements often turn involuntarily caricatured, removing even more realism from the decidedly flawed script. exit Mateusz Rakovicin his second feature film and debut in action movies, lesson well learned and at least from a stylistic and choreographic point of view, the sequences are fairly convincing, including slow motion, overhead shots and short sequence shots to ensure a bit of variety for an enthusiastic audience, also being able to count On the good physique of the hero Agnieszka Grochowska.


A woman willing to do anything to save her son, completely unaware of his existence after being given up for adoption when he was still an infant. And if you have a secret agent who as a mother is forced to change her identity, the fun is guaranteed. Or at least it should… Mother’s Day is an action movie with no shame and no praise, one that’s more comfortable when it’s the action that gets the better of it than it is trying to construct a lopsided story, hesitating between its dramatic aura (Milo) and that of its own. The vile sexual irony in dealing with the secondary characters. A film in any case directed exclusively at a carnivore in vein.

Because we love it

  • The business spirit can count on a solid direction, even if it is not very original.
  • Agnieszka Grochowska plays her leading role, particularly in the hand-to-hand dynamics.

what is wrong

  • The scenario is full of compulsion and highly derivative.
  • Tones and ambiance are not always balanced.

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