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San Columbano, 15 Boys Stunt: Bath at Night and La Balazina Damage

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San Columbano, 15 Boys Stunt: Bath at Night and La Balazina Damage

The gendarmerie outside the building where they recognized the intruders

  • Wednesday 20 July 2022

They bathe in the Palazzina at night, climb the fence, and do damage inside. But when they get back in the car to go home, they find the Carpineri of San Columbano waiting for them. About fifteen young men were identified at night between Monday and Tuesday, all residing in and around Sant’Angelo. At the moment, no measures of any kind have been taken against them, pending a possible complaint from the owners of the sports club. Building.

The young men were intercepted during the night by the San Colombano carabinieri, on a patrol mission in the hills. Soldiers passing through Via di Schiavaroli noticed three cars parked on the side of the road, half-hidden with vegetation, in the dirt roads leading to the swimming pool at Palazzo Palazina. The military questioned the presence of vehicles, supposedly illegal activities, and requested reinforcements to close all lanes. So, when the boys got back in the car, they found the carabinieri waiting for them.

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