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Radiators, the tin trick to save energy: lighter bills

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To save money on energy, there is a method that involves using some paper on the radiators. This is what it consists of.

Paper Trick –

there winter season And, according to weather forecast experts, even if the temperatures are still moderate, it has arrived La Niña.

This is an atmospheric phenomenon that only happened twice, in 1998 In the 2001 Which seems to appear in the coming winter, which is expected to decrease temperatures with rain and snow.

Radiators, how to save on your bill

a polar winter With cold temperatures and in the face of this frost many of us think about using stoves, radiators and anything else needed to keep warm, as they did in previous years.

Radiators: here's how to save with some paper
coolant –

Except that in recent months we have seen an increase in the cost of energy because of the energy crisis we have been involved in village Because of the consequences of the conflict between Russia and theUkraine.

The skyrocketing electricity and gas bills has prompted many Italians to consider avoiding heating or finding different solutions to be able to deal with winter without fear of seeing more zeros than necessary on energy cost.

Although we recommend some stoves that tend to save thanks to the gods too bonus issued by Government and incentives to purchase some heating systems, such as those in pellets There is a way to direct and use energy as heating.

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Radiators: here's how to save with some paper
Radiator with heat-reflecting plate –

Save radiators with the help of leaves

This involves the use of some papers placed behind radiators that takes the name heat reflective panels Which has the property of reflecting heat from outside to inside.

Their cost is very cheap, a board measuring about 5 meters by 60 cm can be found in all specialized stores or can also be purchased at Amazon at a cost of approx 29 euro.

They can also be used with other types of radiators, and tend to reduce heat dissipation in home environments which can occur through windows, exterior walls, and ceiling if not insulated.

How to use it

The real problem of this phenomenon is that of the placement of the radiators. Most often they are installed near the windows and placed on a not very thick wall.

In this way, there is a dispersion of heat about 40% Thus to avoid wasting heat, the reflective panels, if positioned correctly, allow the radiant heat to be reflected back into the environment.

Therefore the heat It is not released outside and in domestic environments, these panels tend to isolate the radiators from the supporting walls, which also makes us significantly save costs.

With the use of these papers, the file the heat These panels tend to stay inside a room longer and once the heat is reached, these panels tend to stay in for a long time even after our radiators are turned off.

Radiators: here's how to save with some paper
Radiator with heat-reflecting plate –

Therefore, we can take advantage of the heat From these panels to warm us and save electricity and gas in burning for long periods which is beneficial not only to our bodies but also to our wallet.

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Usually, most of these panels They are made of this Physical Polyethylene They are attached to closed and structured cells so that they can act as thermal insulators.

Externally, almost all of them are al 100% aluminum Even if you are in the market you can find other materials, but this is very rare. Moreover, to install it you do not need to disassemble our source the heat.

Once completely cleaned, the Team We heater from area double tape The board on the back is fitted with part of Aluminium In plain sight.

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