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There are counterfeit 2 euro coins. Here’s how to recognize it right away

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Beware of this deception. There are counterfeit 2 euro coins. We show you how to identify them instantly

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Never as in this period it is important to know Get to know the coinsAnd you own it. Although the European currency, the Euro, is easily recognizable, it spreads every now and then Forgery involving counterfeit coins.

Giving and receiving money is a habit that affects us all on a daily basis. It happens in the supermarket, tobacco seller or restaurant. But you should always be careful and know what you have in your pocket. In this period, in fact, some of them wander a lot fake 2 euro coins. Here’s how to get to know them right away.

Money scam: spin the counterfeit 2 euro coins

Before talking about the useful method of Distinguish Immediately tricks and talk about it fake 2 euro coins They’re shooting these days, you just have to do one hypothesis. Coins like the euro, in fact, are It can hardly be faked It is not at all clear that you will succeed. However, It is not uncommon Falling into scams involving counterfeit coins.

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Distinguish counterfeit coins So it is very important to defend against frauds and, moreover, avoid the risk of being penalized. So, in this article, we show you a little effective methods To identify the fake.

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It is important that you try comparison The suspect coin is definitely an original one. Once this basic “requirement” is met, we can move forward Three important clipsProfits from identification of counterfeit euro coins.

  1. Takes Currency (In this case 2 euro) e touch both sides with fingers. You will definitely feel satisfaction Map of Europe and the changing face of each country. If both sides are not embossed, Then the coin is fake;
    (Photo: Pixabay)

  2. get one magnifying glass And prepare to analyze edge of the currency. In the case of 2 euros, one must be present grinding edges liftinguniform and well defined. Also in this case, depending on the country of origin, the written, which may be in the form of symbols or letters. Counterfeit coins fail to effectively reproduce this writing, which may sometimes be absent. Equally difficult to forge is points The formation of the European Union map. if this absent, the coin is wrong;
  3. In this case, you will need one magnet. 1 euro coins and 2 euro coins are bimetal. the inner part magnetic, while the external does not. If the magnet does not stick insideThe coin is counterfeit.
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