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WhatsApp is working on a new function for its users, which is one related to groups. Thats all about it

WhatsApp is a messaging application that is now known all over the world, which allows you to receive and send photos, audios and videos, To communicate with anyone, anywhere. The company is constantly updated, to ensure that its users are increasingly satisfied.

WhatsApp, news for groups –

The developers are always adding new useful functions, to make the experience of the users of this free app more and more efficient. Besides, there is also the factor of competition, in particular the competition factor cablewhich means that new functionality is being tested in order to better compete with “competitors”.

And for all the above reasons, Whatsapp, especially in the last year, is testing a whole series of add-ons that, if approved, could constitute revolutionary innovations for the application.

Whatsapp: what’s new for groups

So, as mentioned, there is a new function that is being tested, which could revolutionize the way we send messages in groups.


The function in question is called Expired group. It consists in creating an ephemeral group, a group that disappears after a certain period of time, just as it happens for temporary messages, which was introduced in the app in October almost 3 years ago. This news is transmitted by the blog WABetainfo. What is being tested is an on/off toggle, which allows you to create other settings related to the group’s expiration date, and thus a day, week, or date of your choosing. You can also remove the group setup deadline and make it a classic group.

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However, the The group will not be removed automatically. Once the expiration day arrives, at the specified time, a message will appear to the group administrator, who can then assess whether or not to remove the group. By deleting the group, yes They will remove all content present there, including messages exchanged by its members. All of this includes photos and videos. Of course there are groups like those that organize birthday parties or graduations that no longer make sense to exist after the event, as well as others. So the convenience is to make it ephemeral.

Among other things, since admins often don’t delete groups, a scheduled notification will remind them to remove them when it’s due. At the moment, the feature is in the testing phase, so it may arrive sooner or later, or even never. However, WhatsApp is experimenting with a lot of new things because in the meantime, the competition is going like a train.

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