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Moto, you can finally get it “without a license”: you just have to

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To get a motorcycle license, you will no longer need the exam: here are the changes in this regard and who is involved in the new laws regarding two-wheeler trading that will be allowed in a different way than in the past.

real ready A revolution for all motorcyclists: In fact, recently completely new regulations have come into force regarding How to get a driver’s license of two wheels. In fact, there will be no need for the old practical test To get the precious pass.

Motorcycle license news –

So, to get A3 Which allows you to drive motorcycles without any restrictions on displacement and power Just attending a 7-hour course at one of the many driving schools managed to do this. Farewell to the dreaded practical exam, which often broke the dreams of many.

However, it does exist some cases Accurate in this sense, because this grandmother It is not valid for everyone but only for certain groups of motorcyclists. In particular, those who already have driver’s licenses will be able to avoid the practical exam A1 and A2.

there Before it is achievable from the age of 16 It allows the motorcycle to be driven with a displacement of up to 125 cc, at maximum power 11 kWAnd the power/weight ratio is a maximum of 0.1 kW/kg. there The second can be obtained with the age of majority It allows access to motorcycles with a maximum power of 35 kW With a maximum power/weight ratio of 0.2 kW/kg.

Motorcycle license: what is changing

As mentioned, the big news is worrying Some specific groups who will be able to avoid the practical exam for obtaining an A3 license, after attending a 7-hour course. This would be possible if anyone who has to achieve the above mentioned A3 is present Possession of A1 and A2 driving licenses for at least two years.

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So, in the case of A1, at 18 and in the case of A2 at 20: a turning point also in terms of turnover, which will increase exponentially with more motorcyclists on country roads. The automatic shutter Established in the newly amended regulations will allow this Skip the practical exam.

A revolution in motorcycle licensing –

For the course I will be enough Contact licensed driving schools Existing and scattered throughout the territory in a capillary manner. Just wait for the right day and Book on portals and websites Choosing the nearest locations, taking care to come to the course with everyone Leaves the case. A measure that has been welcomed with great enthusiasm by millions of motorcyclists and their families, even if we have always felt the need to remember that to cautionEspecially on a motorcycle, it is worth over a thousand licenses.

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