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Photovoltaics will not steal space from crops

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In Italy the second place trinitythere 1.2 million hectares of undeveloped agricultural landhowever Coldirity It appears to hinder the development of agranulocytosis.

on the days when it is Legambiante issued a report talking about how renewables are still being watched by regions and regulators, with very few new plants licensed in 2022, the Farmers Trade Association has expressed its truth At the expense of terrestrial photovoltaic cellsindicating how it would be there in Italy approximately 100,000 hectares of arable land are at risk.

The point that has been moved forward Coldirity It is associated with potential Excessive use of land By photovoltaic cells in a way that is not compatible with agriculture.

Indeed, President Ettore Brandini, in a meeting with the Minister of the Environment and Energy Security, Gilberto Becchetto Frattin, stressed that “it is necessary to protect the countryside to guarantee national food sovereignty. Stop speculation and soil consumption with PV systems on land that are not compatible with agricultural activity».

“Coldiretti – says Brandini – supports a model of energy transition that sees agricultural enterprises as champions, for example with energy communities, rooftop solar systems, sustainable photovoltaic and suspended from the groundwhich allow the integration of farmers’ income with the production of renewable energy, with a positive impact on crops and on land.

However, she made it clear that she opposes the development of agricultural volts that occupy the land, adding that we must also look at the production of carbon credits by agricultural companies and their potential sale to other companies, from the perspective of the circular economy and the sustainability of the country, »because the so-called carbon farming It is “another element of potential income for farmers that should be made available through clear and simple management choices”.

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Coldiretti’s concerns are linked above all to some Italian regions, such as Puglia, where 75% of the PV systems are on Earthagainst a national average of 42%, and the association fears that in regions such as Salento, but also Sicily for example, there may be Negative effects on land use due to expansion of the panels.

Basically, there as elsewhere, farmers argue that agricultural cells should not steal space from crops.


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