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Did you miss the lunar eclipse? Here are the must-watch movies to console you

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What are the movies you can’t help but watch on the occasion of the lunar eclipse? Here we have the top five.

Perhaps not everyone knows this, but between May 15-16 there will be a new lunar eclipse that will surely make the past spring evenings even more suggestive, which is about to give way to a new and long hot summer that everyone is waiting for. There can be so many ways to spend this evening even if the most romantic is to look out the window or from the balcony to witness a new and unique show.


In the meantime, a great idea to spend some time perhaps waiting for the eclipse to complete To watch a nice movie Just perfect for this special night.

Titles can be quite a lot, and since you’re in the world of cinema you run the risk of getting lost, here are some small ideas to keep in mind: Our Top Five.

Lunar Eclipse, the five best films not to be missed

lunar eclipse Once again, the beautiful event will happen again on the night between May 15-16: here are the five best films not to be missed on this occasion.

2001 – Spaceflight by Stanley Kubrick

We start with Stanley Kubrick, the film that remains a true masterpiece today begins with the sequence of the alignment of the Sun, Earth, and Moon in space, all accompanied by Richard Strauss’ Sprash Zoroaster song. curiousity:
The film recently returned to theaters on the 50th anniversary of its release in cinemas.

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Michelangelo Antonioni eclipse

Second place in Eclipse for the third film in the Trilogy of Inability to Communicate, directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, who was able to describe the film with these words: “Sudden frost. Silence is different from other periods of silence. Earthy light, different from all other lights. Then the dark. complete stagnation.” still: “All I can think of is that during the eclipse maybe the feelings will stop as well.” The film stars Monica Vitti, Alain Delon and Francisco Rabal.

Walt Disney’s fantasy

It completely changed the genre with a true classic signed by Walt Disney. The film in 1940, the year of its release, did not have the hoped-for success, but in the following years he managed to take his revenge so much that it became one of the most famous films of the House of Mickey Mouse. Perhaps also thanks to the evocative and at the same time frightening sequences, all accompanied by the music of Igor Stravinsky.

Wolf Creek by Greg McLean

Fourth place in a true action thriller set in Australia in the ’90s and inspired by the true story of serial killer Evan Milat, the man appears to have murdered seven hikers even if in reality it appears that the victims are more. The story begins from the nightmarish vacation of a group of boys who, due to an unexpected event, have to spend the night in the cold to introduce a man named Mick, a seemingly cute ex-hunter.

L’Éclipse du Soleil en pleine lune by Georges Méliès

We conclude with a silent film released in theaters in 1907, the heroes of the film are the moon and the sun, two metaphorical characters, two faces who meet in the dark sky. On that occasion, it is believed that the story was about a gay couple, a peculiarity that the director later denied.

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