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Gabe Lawson frees the Mech, 8C+!

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Gabe Lawson frees the Mech, 8C+!

Canada’s hardest rock

A very strong rookie succeeds where many great climbers have failed before… and gives Canada its first 8C+!

Gabe Lawson is a name that no one but locals have ever known SquamishHe had heard. But here it is now This is 29 years old Go to News with his first ascent of one of the hardest boulders in North America and it gave him his first 8C+, passes through Directly from 8B+!

In Squamish’s Boulder area, Canada’s largest and most famous, the Cape has actually unleashed a twenty-year program in which many climbers have put their hands more or less seriously, including major names. Nalle Huktaival, True Ruana And Keenan Takahashi In their swift passage over these boulders. It took Lawson 16 sessions over 10 months to win the series, to which he gave his name The Mech, consisting of 16 difficult movements before the exit sequence on the boulder. The 8C+ proposal was made by Drew Ruana based on his comments, as well as several high-level boulders that don’t get stuck on boulders.

All that remains is to wait for any video first and then for feedback from future repeaters to learn more! In the Cabin IG post below, you can start to see some more pictures of The Mech, back when it was still a project…


Preview photo – Screenshot from IG video

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