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Now the dilemma of resa-

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from Lorenzo Cremonese

During the battle, the image of the Azov fighters in the perception of the population changed: from fanatical nationalists, even Nazis, to patriots who are able to express the will to defend everyone’s freedom

Human – At this point, the militants had resisted the Russian blockade for more than two months At Azovstal . steel mills From Mariupol rose to Ukrainian symbol of strength and courage. Not only in the south, but throughout the country, Starting with the Volunteer Army Which from February to the end of March They were able to stand up to the brigades sent by Putin With specific orders to arrest Kyiv I Overthrow of Zelensky’s government.

It’s not easy being icons. They know it well too. Indeed, among the fighters who from the very beginning agreed to go to the volunteers to defend Mariupol, which was to be the first city to be targeted by the Russians advancing from the Donbass towards the Crimea, there are the best marine units, along with the National. Keeper, and above all I Azov Battalion Volunteers. Enthusiastic people, well armed, trained and ready to fight by any means and dieif necessary.


In that long period of battle and death too The image of the Azov fighters radically changed the perception of the populationFrom fanatical nationalists, even Nazis covered in racist tattoos, to patriots who are able to express the will to defend everyone’s freedom. We will never give up. In any case, Putin does not take prisoners. If we surrender we will be killed on the spot. In fact we are already dead, they communicated in their messages even a few days ago. They have become Ukraine’s heroes, indomitable and determined not to give up.

One of the families who had just left the day before said that those in Azov looked like ghosts, and the Russians were terrified of them, as soon as they heard about them shooting indiscriminately, demolishing whole buildings in order to take two. Among the legends that thrived to enhance the aura of the generous and indomitable were those of Their ability to move nimbly and quickly through the rubble of the city. A little boy said: They make night missions, move like leopards, attack Russian patrols and steal their weapons and ammunition, and that’s why they keep shooting. When he grows up he too will be one of them.

We know that day Their combat capabilities were carefully thought out and well prepared before the Russian attack. It seems that Zelensky himself argued the need to bring food and ammunition to the maze of dungeons under the steel plant, about a week before the war. Since then they have the ability to supply ammunition: The Russians threw waterfalls of fire, but they responded with a shotThe Russian victim had to follow every shot. Their videos, statements and photos circulated on social media became part of a great saga, along with the couple’s events in the basement, their children, and their struggle for daily needs like washing and eating.

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towards surrender?

Now it seems that they have agreed to let the wounded out. that will be transported to enemy-controlled hospitals. The Russians insist that their surrender is imminent. But we don’t have much to believe in, Propaganda triumphs precisely where the passion for struggle is most intense. We have already seen this with the persistence of contradictory rumors that characterized the evacuation of civilians from the Mariupol metropolitan area. In their hearts they still hope so Ukraine’s victories in Kharkiv They are a prelude to those of the Donbass and finally to the possibility that their army might save them.

Otherwise many, Not everyone but many say they are willing to die. Ukraine in today’s struggle is a country that needs heroes, role models for its people and for all of Europe. Will they keep fighting to the end? We do not know, even Putin will be very upset by the new legends of the Azovstal martyrs. Any prediction at this point may be refuted.

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