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Ukraine Russia, news of today’s war | He regained 20 percent of the lost lands in Severodonetsk

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From Francesco Battistini, Marta Serafini

The news of the war, Saturday 4 June, live. Governor Gedai on TV: The Russians occupied 70% of the city

• The war in Ukraine has reached the 101st day (Here are the avatars for the first 100 days.)

• Mystery about The fate of Alexander Dvornikovthe head of military operations in Moscow, may have been replaced.
• Alarm in Mariupol: the mayor talks about a humanitarian catastrophe, estimated at 20 thousand dead and 95% of homes destroyed.
• The European Union has formalized Sixth package of antivirus penalties: Not only oil was affected, Putin’s girlfriend, Butcha’s butchers and the Peskov family.
• Russia is ready to offer the ports of Mariupol and Berdyansk to cancel the ban on exporting grain to Ukraine.
Moscow asked for Beijing’s supportbut the Chinese leadership wants to do so without incurring Western sanctions: Xi fears the impact on the economy and is placing a lot of bets.

05:47 – Guterres: Stop the violence immediately

I renew my call for an immediate cessation of violence, unrestricted humanitarian access to all who need it, the safe evacuation of civilians trapped in combat zones, urgent protection of civilians and respect for human rights in accordance with international standards. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in a statement to CNN, once again, his demand for an end to the ongoing violence in Ukraine. He also added that the United Nations is committed to humanitarian efforts, but that these negotiations and dialogue will ultimately be necessary to resolve the conflict. First, both sides are making good-faith diplomatic efforts to end this war, for the benefit of Ukraine, Russia and the world,

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01:30 a.m. – General Daryl William at the head of US forces in Europe

Army recommended White House appointment of General Daryl Williams as next commander of US forces in Europe/Africa: reports PoliticianQuoting two US officers. If the nomination is confirmed, William will be promoted to the rank of four-star general and become the first African American general to reach that position. A sensitive mission, at a time when the United States is considering rotating ground forces along the eastern side of NATO to counter the Russian threat.

00:00 – take back 20% of Sievierodonetsk

Ukrainian forces regained about 20% of the lost territories in Severodonetsk after the Russian invasion. Luhansk Governor Serhiy Gaidai said on Ukrainian television, explaining that the Russians had previously controlled about 70% of the city. According to Gayday, the Russian forces only managed to advance for several hours to be repelled, and he later said he was confident that as soon as Western long-range weapons arrived, we would stop the Russian artillery and then launch the infantry into the air.

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