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Italy defeated Canada, Azuri in the race for the playoffs – OA Sport

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Italy defeated Canada 10-4 in the 2022 Men’s Curling World Cup., Las Vegas (USA) is walking on ice. The new Azzurri had to surrender (as well as bronze) in the presence of one of the best organizations in this world championship, from the Amoka victory over Sweden (Olympic and world champions led by champion Niklas Edin) and the victory over Finland. Second setback in the round robin in the face of two wins.

Our national team finished seventh and is mostly in the race to reach the playoffs, Which is the system assigned to the teams between the third and sixth place, which gives the last two passes to the semifinals (of which the first two classifiers are allowed on the right). Canada is currently leading (5-0), with 5 wins and 2 defeats followed by five matching systems: Germany, Scotland, Switzerland, Sweden and the United States. So they are teams that have played more in a tournament than our national team.

Joel Retornas, Amos Moser, Sebastiano Arman, Simone Conin They caught up with Brat Kushu (Olympic champion in Turin in 2006) and the team in the first half of the tournament so they were able to go into the break under one length, and then thanks to two points scored in the fifth. North American hat-trick in the previous fraction (4-5). However, after returning to the snow, Canada went wild: Two points (7-4) in the sixth period, then the hand that stole twice in a row, The seventh node represents one point and the following two.

Curling, World Cup 2022: Sweden-Italy 8-10. The Blues had an amazing success!

For the 10-4 age group, the tricolor quartet decided to raise the white flag Against undefeated opponents in the open, he has met for the next two matches: today against the Netherlands (18.00 at Italian) and against Denmark (23.00), two opponents are within wide reach and you must continue to win. Expect a better result.

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