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4 Basic rules, tips and cost


It is not a home appliance like others, but the yogurt maker remains a must especially for lovers of good quality yogurt. In today’s article, we are going to see at least four basic rules to consider before buying this type of device.

Choosing a Yogurt Shop: 5 Basic Rules, Advice & Cost


there yogurt maker It is the type of device that allows yogurt lovers Produce it directly at homeThus, avoid chasing unreliable brands in supermarkets. Obviously, it is especially suitable for those who like this product, among others Hundreds of delicious recipesSweet and salty.

Not many know that yogurt is not a purely commercial product, but it can be Made at home thanks to this special device It is only known by enthusiasts or professionals.

The main advantage associated with yogurt maker is that There are literally no limitsonly at home Fermented milkThat is, he separated galactose from glucose (Greek yogurt, the most famous of which is obtained from the fermentation of milk thanks to bacteria), and waited for a certain temperature. Usually the device has a very low wattage, that is, approx 15 watts of energy for the yogurt maker that produces Seven or more jars.

However, before you buy this product, its price is close 50 euro Total (it is clear that there are more advanced and equipped models whose price exceeds 100 euros), at least it is good to know Four basic rules.

Choosing a Yogurt Shop: 5 Basic Rules, Advice & Cost

1. Choose a yoghurt maker: know the strength of the product

Choosing a Yogurt Shop: 5 Basic Rules, Advice & Cost

Like all devices, there is also one Yogurt maker needs the right energy To turn milk into creamy yoghurt, according to a very easy-to-understand process, based on very high temperatures.

It’s not said that you have to spend big to get one Premium Yogurt MakerThere are dozens of them on the market brand names Offer these types of household appliance to me the prices very Contents. On average, a medium-quality yogurt maker spends at least 15 watts With the temperature of the container also in contact with i 50 degrees.

It goes without saying that a brand-name yogurt maker will have higher wattage available than other smaller brands. After all, this is the rule on which the purchase of all devices is based: The higher the price, the better the performance.

2. Choose a yogurt maker: consider the design

Choosing a Yogurt Shop: 5 Basic Rules, Advice & Cost

Each high quality product comes with a file the design especially. In the case of yogurt makers, which are already refined products, the The design should be balanced and modernbut should not miss the external (coating) and internal component.

there Yogurt maker stabilizer Usually organized by the gods rubber feet Able to ensure that the product is attached to the surface. Moreover, stability becomes important the moment you activate engine to fermentation.

In addition to consistency, the yogurt maker must necessarily contain Thick and prominent coatingable to give the appropriate quality yogurt: the aforementioned milk fermentation, Which, as mentioned, separates galactose from glucose, and is based on a series of sudden movements which necessarily need highly resistant coating.

3. Choose a yogurt maker: put the machine in a safe place

Choosing a Yogurt Shop: 5 Basic Rules, Advice & Cost

This advice should be applied more than anything else once you have purchased the product. like all household appliance There is, too yogurt maker must be positioned in precise angleaway from prying eyes.

can not be placedespecially during the crucial fermentation moment, near stove subordinate kitchen or from refrigerator. She needs her space, let’s say it’s all her own, to function at her best.

An interesting idea is to buy Resistant coffee table And device mode: In this way, it can work great without causing problems such as Noise due to engine operationWhich can be very annoying in the long run.

4. Choose a yogurt maker: rate the capacity well

Choosing a Yogurt Shop: 4 Basic Rules, Advice & Cost

As a last tip we can not ignore Yogurt Maker Capacitythis is from Quantity of yogurt that can be produced with One dose of fermented milk. Obviously if you are a fan of yogurt, the key advice is to choose a yogurt maker based on two simple elements: beaker capacity and the gods tractor.

The latter is important and is usually there at least in a standard package Seveneach of which has a capacity of not less than 125 ml. But it can happen that a yogurt maker can be too ten jars And more spacious. In short, it is up to you to choose the right product for your needs based on usage.

Gallery ideas and photos yogurt maker

Yogurt maker is not a popular device, but yogurt lovers will surely appreciate all its features. In the next gallery you can see all the photos we used to describe the main characteristics of a good yogurt maker, and it’s an indispensable product!


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