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Mastini beat Aligi in extra time

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Him again, again Andrea Sheena. The man who solved the seventh match of the IHL final with a goal a few seconds before the end of the last match last season is the same one who He decides the first match in the new tournament in favor of Mastini Varese. Goal from defender’s The 63rd minute at the start of the match, making the score 2-1 For the yellow and black in Alleghi and allows the Czerniki team to open the sporting year successfully, albeit with a difference of two points.

Chyna’s game-winning shot ended in one dispute Which throughout its duration proved to be very good balanced: Same penalty kicks, same number of shots (Perla starts for the yellow and black), same powerplay success rate. And yet the hounds have He was hoping to win within the 60th minute because of the small advantage He got it after 11 minutes with the old guard’s signature: a goal from the captain Vanity with the help of Porgy and Peruso. But brothers Wenazer, They lost in the final a few months ago with Caldaro in their shirt, they were looking for revenge and at the end of the match they scored a double advantage. Not bad: Varese returns from Alleghe with First draw of the season It was achieved against an opponent far from simple: Thursday For the first time at Acinque Ice Arena With Valby Czarnecki’s side will be looking to come back, perhaps with full points.

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the match

Mastini started the match well, putting pressure on Scola and his teammates, who hesitated to give away the third goal and were punished shortly after midway through the first half. Peruso, Michael Mazzacane and Chyna finally tried to make it work Vanity Who gets the tournament’s top scorer award (in play power). Then the yellow and black control the owls’ reaction well and the opening third ends without shocks.

However, Aligi tried again in the early part of the second half, finding Perla who was up to the task. the Italian-Finnish goalkeeper He did not give up even in the 35th minute when he blocked De Silvestro and saved a ball from Moroder, stopping the ambitions of the Belluno team. A good final shot of mastini, in the same way, It does not turn into goals The second half therefore leaves the yellow and black in front with the slightest advantage.

a result (0-1) Which He carries This could really add up but Scola is good at neutralizing the toxic deviation from Peruso. then Aligi presses harder, calling for Birla again repeatedly but failed to achieve a draw. However, with 6 minutes remaining, Perino was first and then M. Mazzacane penalty area (until then almost untouched): The Owls did not allow that to happen again and with Gabriel Vinatzer scored the equalizing goal.

And additional, With one man less for Varese who had to abandon Gibbons who was punished by the referees. Back and forth for the first three minutes, and then, when the shootout looms, there it is feat Sheena Giving the Hounds victory and a long but peaceful journey back to Garden City.

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Hockey Alleghe – Mastini Varese 1-2 OT
(0-1; 0-0; 1-0; 0-1)

Tags: 11.10 Vanity (V – M. Borghi, Piroso); 56.18 c. Vinatzer (A – S. Vinatzer, A. Vinatzer); 63.32 Sheena (V – Gibbons).
Varese: Pearl (Marinelli); Schina, Naslund, Bertin, Vignoli-Sanin, E. Mazzacane, Fanelli, Garber; Peroso, Vanetti, M.Borghi, Gibbons, M.Mazzacan, Raimondi, Tellaro, T.Cordiano, Crivelari, Allevato, P.Borghi, Perrino. All.Czarnicki.
the reviewer: Reves and Stevenelli (Dell’Amico and De Zordo).
NB. Penalty kick: A 8′, D 8′. Excellence: A 1-4, W 1-4. Attendance: 490.

International humanitarian law – first round
results. Veltri-Como 6-1; Valdiviemi – Bressanone 5-2; Dobbiaco – Bergen 1-2 SW; Alleghe – Varese 1-2 OT; Vallbice – Caldaro 1-3. Comfort: Appiano.
classification: Veltri, Valdiviemi, Caldaro 3; Varese, Bergen 2; Alighi, Dobbiaco 1; Appiano*, Valbellis, Bressanone, Como 0.

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