December 8, 2023

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Bruno says goodbye to football: “The best moment was his debut in Serie A with Napoli”

Nearly 25 years of professional experience, more than 200 targets. But now it’s time to hang up your shoes.
Salvatore Bruno, who was a striker for Agazanize a few days ago (a tough team in the Championship of Excellence), decided to quit playing football, also after his recent injury.

to microphones He recalled his career: “The most intense moment was definitely the appearance of Serie A with Napoli, my city and my favorite team. There were 60,000 people in the stands, and I was the first player in Napoli Brescia with Collina to referee. Looking back. I am still excited now. Best year Only one is hard to pick. I say Ascoli, with promotion to Serie B with 15 goals or two in Modena, with 18 goals in each Pisa Modena scored a hat-trick. The best was the second, with little digging to get past the goalkeeper. But Brescia also left me a lot. The coach who gave me the most? Pelon in Ascoli and Maran in Brescia. They matched with great passion, I am a lot and I think I scored many goals for them. We are talking about excellent technicians and people who are unbelievable in human terms.”

A note about the future: “With Rantier, we are doing a tech project aimed at kids at Gotico and I really like it. Also last year, I had some requests as a collaborator on Serie C but I declined. To tell the truth, for now a career as a coach I had never had before, But there is time to consider all options. Now I just want to enjoy my family.”