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True Friend Forever / A story of friendship without space and time

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Truman – A true friend is forever: The film tells the story of the friendship between Julian and Truman, a loyal bullmastiff. The film, which was shown in Toronto and in competition in San Sebastian, won five Goya Awards for Best Picture, Direction, Screenplay, Leading and Supporting Actor. The film, directed by Cesc Guy, presents itself as a subtle, intimate, and inspiring story that speaks to us about friendship, love and family. The director himself, in an interview with, stated: “The film is not a struggle against it, but an acceptance, what comes next. Many films are created about the struggle, what happens: the character goes to the doctor and ultimately saves herself. Let’s start with this scenario More seriously; that’s why Thomas (Camara) got on that plane, because Julian (Darren) decided he wouldn’t come back. He was about to throw in the towel and….”

At the heart of the film is the friendship between Tomás and Julian, old friends who find themselves spending a few days together after several years. For business reasons, in fact, they live in two different cities: Thomas is in Canada, while Julian remains in Madrid. The arrival of Thomas in the Spanish capital is an opportunity to meet again and live for four days full of passion, but also of fun.

Truman – A true friend is forever: friendship is what unites us

Truman – A true friend is forever He talks about friendship. The two heroes are Julian, an Argentine actor who lives in Madrid, and Thomas who moved to Canada for work reasons. The two have always been best friends and have a beautiful friendship, a relationship that happens several times in life that is able to break down the barriers of space and time. However, the two are the opposite of each other: Thomas is pragmatic and responsible, while Julian is seductive and has a son, born from a previous marriage, and a really busy love life. His only and reliable companion is Truman, a loyal bullmastiff.

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Julian’s life is surprised when Thomas returns to Madrid, who learns of his friend’s precarious health condition. As soon as Thomas heard the news, he returned to Madrid ready to help his old friend on this life path. Julian has already organized everything, but it remains only to know who will leave him when he has to return to Canada. What will happen?

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