Home entertainment “Cinema should do more in the field of civil rights and sexism (and many fellow actors too)” Eva and Women’s Film – Corriere.it

“Cinema should do more in the field of civil rights and sexism (and many fellow actors too)” Eva and Women’s Film – Corriere.it

“Cinema should do more in the field of civil rights and sexism (and many fellow actors too)” Eva and Women’s Film – Corriere.it
From Valerio Capelli, sent to Taormina

The former desperate housewife, who became the heroine of women’s conquests, participates in the project Tell It Like a Woman, seven women’s stories. “A big step backwards with regard to abortion in the United States, it all started when Obama was ambushed in the Senate” Longoria: “The world of cinema is behind on civil rights, sexism and violence, it must do more”

Eva Longoria:

There is no trace of the desperate housewife. There’s no point in looking for Gabriel, the life-changing character, the group’s absurd extrovert, the lover of luxury (and her gardener).

Eva Longoria screams oh girl power, I have become passionate about women’s rights. Fighting discrimination and evasion. Overwhelming the fame of the former travel companions of the award-winning TV series Desperate Housewivescarved out her place in the world: “Being an actress is what I do, it doesn’t tell me who I am. I’m a mother, a member of a community that cares about what happens to other women, I’m from a family of do-gooders, and helping others is part of my DNA, I’m I’m not like those actors who say, I don’t have time to get involved in these things.”

And here in the group project Say it like a womanAnd the Presented at the Taormina Festival. Eva and the Others: Seven Short Films About Women. Eva Longoria lives by her profession as an assignment, and says that “TV does a better job with directors, we’re behind in cinema, and we need better acting.” The first applause begins in a series of applause.

He abandons the “gathering” tones and reaches the heart When he spoke of a “step back” against abortion that was just beginning in the United States. She says that former President Obama, who she supported in the election campaign, was ambushed: “The Supreme Court influenced Donald Trump. Obama was supposed to be allowed to choose a judge, but the Senate blocked his appointment, which means Trump has six conservative judges against three. There were Unfulfilled promises. As women we will not stand idly by, we will continue to fight against this decision and fight for women’s rights, because they are human rights.” There has always been a misunderstanding about Eva, many in Hollywood thought she was Italian and she would always say yes, it’s true. “Actually, everyone thought I was Mexican but I only have my roots there. I was born in Texas in a town called Corpus Christi, at the time I was a model they called Miss Corpus Christi.” He has a fierce resolve for someone who has achieved success of late (in his case when he is in his 30s) and wants to keep it tight.

The Seven Films project will be released in US theaters In the fall, co-producer Andrea Ervolino said: “It was a feat, the composition dates back to 2015”.

For Italy, directed by Maria Sol Tognazzi buy margarita in unpublished“It’s a true story about domestic violence that happened in America, a woman so bruised to be able to leave the house hurt her dog, she went to a vet and the man who beat her was arrested.” He recalls that he was an assistant director for “for ten years, I struggled to make myself respected by the cast of men.” Regarding abortion, Maria Sol hopes there will be no setbacks in Italy “when I came back” me and her She was almost expelled from the church.”

And here again Eva: «You must be a woman twice More willing and able than men to persist and resist. I’m an actress here Lagonegro By Lucia Buenzo, on a woman’s freedom to care for her niece after her sister’s death. The Patriarchate is alive and well in the world. We need a feminine view of things.” The meeting is going in one direction. Diane Warren (entrusted the song to Sophia Carson clap), he says, “Men should recover and recover from centuries of conditioning, but we don’t want to rule them out.”

More audience applause.

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