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In Kovit, Canada, vaccination is mandatory for public servants and those over the age of 12 who have access to trains and planes

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The Canada It ranks among the top ten countries with the highest vaccination rates in the world, but the government has decided to take some of the most restrictive measures in the world to win the war against Govt. Public servants must be fully vaccinated to work. . Complete cycle for everyone Over 12 To access trains and planes. “Vaccines are a very effective tool against countless Canadians, including Govt and many public servants,” the prime minister said. Justin Trudeau, Recently re-elected – have already done their part by getting vaccinated. But no one is safe as long as everyone is safe. There are enough vaccines in Canada for every person across the country to be fully vaccinated, so I encourage all non-vaccinated Canadians to book the vaccine today. Together we will end the war against Govt. ”

In Canada, the infection curve has declined since July due to an increase in positive cases due to delta variability. Since the outbreak, there have been 1.66 million cases and more than 28,000 deaths compared to 38 million civilians. “Today we are fulfilling two key responsibilities, mandating vaccinations for travel and all federal staff. These are two of the most drastic measures in the fight against the epidemic in the world by the end of November,” he said. It is no longer optional to carry out Govt tests before travelAnyone over the age of 12 who wants to travel by train or plane must be fully vaccinated. ” As for the compulsory vaccination for workers, it will come into effect by the end of October for the federal government. This decision is subject to government press release.

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“Better economic policy – he says Christiaan Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy – A strong public health response, including the promotion of vaccinations for all eligible Canadians. As the country’s largest employer, the Government of Canada is exemplary. By demanding that people working in the public service be fully vaccinated, we put the health and safety of government employees, their families and their neighbors first. It protects anyone who enters the federal office to get the services they need. And we are making sure passengers are safe, Which will help recover severely affected sectors. These responsible and practical actions will accelerate our economic recovery and give businesses the invaluable confidence that our strong economy will be less affected by the Govt 19 related lockdowns.

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