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Tiburtina Gloria Padovan in the Italian women’s hockey team in class

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The European Youth Inline Hockey Championship was held from July 27-31 in Valladolid, Spain. Young women coach Martina Gavazzi and Young Athlete, class of 2007, included Gloria Padovan, both from Tivoli.
Fifteen-year-old Padovan and Gavazzi have both been an integral part of Cv Skating for years now, in remote Civitavecchia, since there is no dedicated on-line hockey structure in Tivoli.
Italy finished third in the European Championship behind Spain and France.

Wearing the blue shirt is an unforgettable experience – says the young woman Gloria PadovanI am proud of this experience. I thank Cv Skating for allowing me to reach these levels, my coaches Martina Gavazzi and my parents who took me to Civitavecchia for years for allowing me to train in a well-organised, organized club and above all in a proper sports facility.“.

We are proud of this way – he claims Simona Savelli, mother of Gloria Padovan and official referee of the FISR, Italian Federation of WheelsportsBut also categorically frustrated with the attitude of the municipal administration in Tivoli that after years it has not been able to give structure to the lovers of this discipline, despite the various meetings, endless phone calls and the written availability of Cv Skating to the management of PalaTosto. Within 10 years, the municipality could not open the gymnasium for sports while within a few months it was able to become an immunization center. We therefore loudly request that the sports gym be opened and that all Tivoli sports fans be allowed to practice this sport in Tivoli.“.

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