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F1 / 8 June 2014, Canadian GB: Ricciardo’s first – history

F1 / 8 June 2014, Canadian GB: Ricciardo’s first – history

In the long history of Formula 1, The Canadian Grand Prix He often represented the encounter with the driver’s first success on the top flight: think of Gilles Villeneuve’s first success in 1978 – the driver named on the Montreal track – and then proceed to Alessi’s first and only statement. And Kubika, in 1995 and 2008, respectively. Six years after the Pole’s victory, it’s the turn of another protagonist of the circus, still active today, but struggling with one of the darkest sports eras of his experience: Daniel Ricciardo.

To understand exactly what happened that day, we must go back exactly eight years8 June 2014. An era marked by a real technological revolution was marked by the introduction of power units that contributed to the immediate placement of the word ‘end’ in the domination of Sebastian Vettel. Red bull. The German, who won four world titles from 2010 to 2013 – and his team did the same at the Constructors’ Championship – could not hold the candle for the Mercedes explosion, which began a dominance that lasted from that year until 2021. At the same time, Vettel faced the Australian driver again at the 2014 Championships, but this time he was different from Mark Webber: that season, in fact, the Red Bull relied on the qualities of a young and laughing talent like that de Ricciardo. According to tradition in the Anglo-Austrian team, Toro was with Rosso for three years and was later promoted to Milton Keynes.

After two consecutive stages in Monaco and Spain – 3rd place and 1st place in F1 – round 8 June 2014 Montreal Welcomes the circus for the seventh round of the championship, valid for the Canadian GB. An event in which The 200th participation of Kimi Rக்கோikknen, But it once again finds the Mercedes Rosberg-Hamilton pair starting from the front row, with the German writer of the polar position. In contrast, Ricciardo starts from sixth place, behind Vettel and another duo, this time with Williams of Potos and Masa. However, the race will have a different story.

In fact, at the start, the cut takes the lead after an excellent sprint at the start, with GP immediately neutralized by the safety car following an accident to late Marucia driver Jules Pianchi at the end of the season. , Was the victim of another accident in Suzuki that caused him death. As the hostilities resumed, Ricciardo failed to get the better of Williams Expect a stop In the pits. The Australians will also be one of the first to make the second tire change, a strategy that would later prove to be the winner: in the last ten rounds of the race, Rosberg was ahead of Perez – without Hamilton, who betrayed him. A brake problem – Ricciardo first managed to get the Force India driver better, then overtook Rosberg, taking the lead for the first time in his life having to go four laps. However, in the following lap, Masa – who records his 15th and last fast lap – tries to hit the Mexican in the first corner and return to the stage, but the maneuver breaks down into a backlash and violent impact. Against barriers, forcing the entrance Safety car. At that point, the race behind the safety car ends, and Ricciardo wins The first GPU in Formula 1 In front of Rosberg and Vettel. In this way, the Australian became the 50th different driver to win the circus: eight years later, an anniversary that will help him get out of the most complicated present moment at McLaren.

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