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Live Ukraine – Drone crashes at Belgorod airport, Russia. Kiev: “We are ready to attack the Russian fleet in the Black Sea”

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Tagani: contact with Kuleba and confirmed support for Kiev

Contact with Dmytro Kuleba. Confirm our support to Ukraine. I am in contact with the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency Raphael Grossiit is necessary to protect the control panel Zaporizhia. On April 26, we will present a reconstruction planUkraine. We will be champions with our best companies.” He wrote Twitter Minister of Foreign Affairs Anthony Tajani.

The State Duma approved the law on electronic employment

Help yourself legislators Russians of the law providing for the establishment of a mail order for a military call-up, which will greatly facilitate the mobilization of men into the army, all during the Moscow campaign Ukraine extends for a second year. The lower house of the Russian parliament Always the stateunanimously on legislation On the second reading. Chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee Andrei Kartapolov He said ahead of the vote that the country is not currently planning another wave of mobilization.

Kuleba: “We discussed with Tajani the help Italy can provide”

I spoke to today Anthony TajaniWe discussed the new assistance Italy could provide to help ensure Ukraine’s victory over Russian aggression. So the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba He announces the phone conversation with Foreign Minister Tajani on Twitter.

Kiev, “the decision to counterattack will be taken at the last moment.”

decision on modalities counterattack Ukraine You will be taken “at the last minute” and escape from documents Reserved by pentagonal will not affect the operation Since all information about him military plans They are classified. This was confirmed by the secretary National Security and Defense Council of UkraineAnd Oleksey Danilovin an interview with the German newspaper Tagesshaw. According to Danilov, Ukraine is in constant contact with its main allies, such as United States of AmericaGreat Britain, Germany And Poland, but with respect to certain operations such as counterattack Due in the spring, information on how many units will be employed, what forces will be involved and in which direction they will move is kept secret. “If anyone thinks they have it, I congratulate them. But I don’t know where they got them from. The Commander-in-Chief’s headquarters will make the decision to launch the planned counterattack at the last minute. If anyone thinks we only have one option, then we don’t.” Even the three options are not enough Danilov.

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Russia, the State Duma is discussing a new law on the rules of conscription

under discussion in Always state in Russia A new provision, which will be put to a vote in the next few hours, to change the rules of military service, to facilitate it. employment And prevent young men of military age from leaving it village. call to Employment offices It can also happen online, not only for conscription but also for anyone else who might be called up for military service. It will be effective when it is delivered to the recipient’s e-mail box. “we offer notice via e-mail and provide the possibility of repeating these summons electronically.” Andrei KartapolovChairman of the State Duma Defense Committee. Anyone who does not show up after being called will be taxed restrictionsincluding preventing him from leaving Russia.

The Wall Street Journal: “Secret Ukraine War Files Leaked Because of Dispute”

Secret American documents about the war in Ukraine It was allegedly leaked onto the platform disagreementPopularized by fans video games Then it spread to other users’ discussions. and the Wall Street Journal To publish this news. Files classified as top secret, according to the newspaper, would have appeared in a small chat of anonymous members in January, and then the information would have spread to other social networks such as cable And Twitter. the Wall Street Journal He writes that the federal investigation into an important leak of American documents Top secret highlighted disagreement, where users chat in invite-only groups. Like other social media, the company has sometimes struggled to rein in i dangerous content It has been accused in the past of using it to share material Child pornography played a role in the events Charlottesvillein Virginiain 2017, when there were clashes between white supremacists and anti-racists. Investigation governmentFriday, kicked off at the request of the department US defenselooking for answers about how it came to be disagreement Dozens of photos showing classified documents. The company said its top priority is ensuring a safe experience for users, which it investigates in cooperation with law enforcement and will respond accordingly to any policy violations. disagreementdepends on San Franciscowas born in 2015 and has about 150 million monthly users around the world, which is a social network that is much smaller than the giant social networks such as Facebook-Meta and TikTok that have billions of users per month.

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Kiev: “We are ready to attack the Russian fleet in the Black Sea”

L’Ukraine Preparing for a new attack on the Russian fleet in Black Seaa process similar to the one that led to the sinking of the cruiser Moscow. This was stated by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksey Reznikov during a briefing. We can present the Russians with another surprise at sea, another missile on their ships. We are just waiting for the right moment Reznikov Stressing that he will not reveal the details of the sinking of the Russian cruiser Moscow.

Kiev: “No change in military plans after leaking US documents”

The National Security Council of Ukraine denied the existence of any changes in Military plans of Ukraine After classified papers were leaked in the United States, a circumstance he reported CNN: “I don’t know who he spoke to there CNN. In any case, I can say that the number of people who know about our plans is very limited. “I don’t think that the informant who communicates with American radio has anything to do with our plans,” said the council secretary. Oleksey Danilov. Danilov added: “The data on specific operations, the number of units involved and in what direction is top secret information.”

Moscow, new recruiting rules, but “not mobilization”

Chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee Andrei Kartapolov Today he announced the introduction of new rules for military call-up in Russia, saying that The country is not currently planning another wave of mobilization. Kartapolov told TASS news agency that the new rules will affect both conscripts and reservists. He stressed that no new withdrawal process is being prepared.

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